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  1. Thank you very much.jaclaz. I owe you, I got the vital data back. Now, I will redivide the hard and format it. Things are good again. You are the best.
  2. Hello jaclaz, 1st of all, Thank you very much for your really nice reply. I appreciate it. Here is what happened:- Like I told you I divided the 1000Gb hard into 4 partitions."300 ,300,200,and 150" I used the instruction of testdisk u gave me. I was ale to reactivate only the 1st partition,access it and see the data intact in it. Then when I tried to reactivate the second partition--->This caused the space before this second volume to be read "unallocated" and the space after it became unallocated too. plus none of the partitions on this hard became readable. I was able to back up the data on the 1st partition,the only thing I want now is to get the data from the second partition,and then format the hard,the 3rd and 4th partitions are not important to me. BTW The test disk runs very slowly although I have a "2.4 Quad processor 8mb cach,and 4Gb Ram" I know I became such a burden but please bear with me,and Your advice is really appreciated. And please if anybody else had any ideas,to help me with my situation,I'd be really grateful.
  3. Hi *I had a 500Gb Western Digital hard wich is the 1ry hard.with an XP spack2 on it. *I connected another sata hard disk 1000 Gb"1Tera" which I just bought. *I devided the 1000 gb to 4 partitions "300-300-200-150" ------>But I formatted it as "Dynamic disks" After I "Moved" to the 1tera hard about 450 Gb of data.,It was fine untill I rebooted,,,,, The windows can't boot if i have both hards on"500 and 1000" but load fine without the 1tera hard. Physically,the hard is perfect. I connected the hard later to the "USB" The windows recognizes the hard as "1 Dynamic disk of 950Gb" and marked "offline" Although I had 4 dynamic ntfs partitions. I tried reactivation but it takes forever and I feel that nothing i going on. Now to my Question:- Can I convert my drives on the dynamic disk"4 partitions" To Basic?without losing the data? And how can I get access to this dynamic disk again?I'm frightened of any activity that might reformat the disk. Or there is a risk that my lifetime work of data will be lost if this process Please help me I don't have any other copy of this data! Thank you.
  4. Thanks for your answers.but i still don't understand what exactly to do to set up the network between my two computers.The ip thing that you said is already done for my dsl connection,but how to set the network up from scratch and how to open the 1st computer's shared filed on the second one after the set up,that i don't know ,. sorry to take that much of your time....
  5. Thank u 4 ur reply, My OS is windows XP pro 2002 sp2 and yes the cable is a cross over. thank you big time.
  6. Hi, Well I have two computers at home in two defferent rooms, and everytime i want to copy or move some data i have to toke the hard drive from one computer open the case and connect it to the IDE cable of the other one,hard and time consuming process. So, I got two LAN cards and a network wire, But I don't know how to setup a network I only want to transfer data easily between the two computers. so please help me, Thank you in advance.
  7. Inserting an index entry into index $0 of file 25

    hey man. i have the excact same problem i wish any one would help us or if u had solved it please tell me how big thanks.