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  1. Apparently your setup is a little different then a standard board, and does not have a Reset jumper but only a BIOS Password configuration. Here is info on your board: http://stason.org/TULARC/pc/motherboards/D...TIPLEX-GXA.html *** USER CONFIGURABLE SETTINGS: Password enabled > Jumper Labeled 'J6' > Closed Password disabled > Jumper Labeled 'J6 > Open
  2. the jumpers are usually in close proximity to the CMOS battery... and in most cases 3 pins (2 jumpered and 1 free). With the power off, switch the jumper to the other 2 pins, wait 30sec, put the jumper back and settings should be back to defaults.
  3. Also say goodbye to any recovery information that you had with acronis.... The acronis secure zone is used kinda like a recovery partition to restore the computer... because the files are written in a non-standard format it 'looks' as if the drive is blank in windows explorer.
  4. Dells are funny little animals... Sometimes they will put them self into "Factory Mode" (actually what it is called, sometimes it actually states that on the screen along with your drive errors.) This happens most often with replacement motherboards, but can be the result of a dead CMOS battery. If the board IS actually in "Factory Mode" you can take it out by entering BIOS and Hold down 'ALT'... while still holding, Press 'E' then 'F' then 'B'... You should hear a beep and the system should reset. You should now be able to configure your CD and floppy drive without issue.
  5. My question is... why are you booting from a floppy into DOS... when the XP CD is bootable?
  6. Why not just create a limited user account and deny access to all but the game DIR?
  7. Daemon tools.... Minus the spyware that is in the latest build...
  8. There are some switchless installers over @ ryanvm's site... However, they are addons and not being slipstreamed. From what I understand direct integration into the cd isn't possible. But, if you do find a way... please, share the wealth.
  9. Am I mistaken... the only way to get the GUI mode setup IS to either start an install (leaving partition formatting alone), or to start a repair install...It is good to know that this can be done at this stage, but I see this being potentially dangerous. What if you accidentally format the partition... what if your Windows CD is scratched and you have now copied over corrupted files to the system, it will no longer even boot, where as previously all in working order and just needed a password removed. I myself have been using the Offline NTPassword reset tool for many years without fail. Thanks for the info though =)
  10. Would you like to work for Dell if they had to re-code their windows deployment Images for EVERY computer?! no!They have 1 key for each version of windows, which also comes with pre-activation files. So, if you you another disk, say a normal OEM cd or a cd from a different manufacturer... the BIOS strings no longer match what the preactivation files state that it should be... and makes you activate regardless of what key you use. On a lighter note... they key doesn't really matter... as long as you have a "VLK Royalty OEM" key (the one on the restore cd's... not the side of the computer) and the original preactivation files (also on restore cd's for that manufacturer) it will work. And the reason that they need to put the key on the side of the system is because, if they didn't they would be breaking copy write laws by not providing a "Certificate of authenticity" with the copy of windows. ...wow, that was a head full. Hope that helps.
  11. So, funny thing... doesn't matter what Antivirus I have, if it is active when my system locks I can't logon again. I have tried Symantec corp, Antivir as well as NOD32... If I disable the AV... system is able to logon without any issues... seemingly every time (haven't had it fail yet). What is causing the AV to conflict and not allow logon?!?! How do I fix this??? I dont want to format... Thanks
  12. Urg! I did the logonui trick and that didn't seem to help at all... so I set it back to the original settings. Now a couple days later (really ticking me off)... I boot up my system and can logon just fine, but if I lock the system or it locks from the screen saver, it will not allow logon (Every Time!!!). Besides restarting the system, I have found 1 work around. When the system is at the logon screen, locked and I can't logon... I can go to another system and user Remote Desktop to logon, then I can go back to the actual system and logon with no problems. However... if the system locks again either by me or by the screen saver, I am no longer able to sign on until I use the Remote Desktop trick again... HELP!!!
  13. *sigh* I uninstalled norton corp and installed the newest version of NOD32, it happened again. I am trying to do the regedit/rename logonui right now... ~Dave
  14. Ditto, just happened to me again.Funny thing is, I have a 2nd system and I was able to use Remote Desktop to connect and logon just fine. After connecting through Remote Desktop I clicked Log Off... then I was able to logon to my system without any issues again.. strange.. I have Norton Corp, maybe I will upgrading that... I'm also going to try the fix listed on the RyanVM site. Thanks, Dave
  15. Very unlikely. Usually if the disk is 'BIOS-locked' it will not even start setup, will (in every case i've seen) display an 'error' stating that the disk was not made for this system. or something of that sort....otherwise, I have had no issues with OEM or Royalty OEM distros at all in VPC.
  16. Yes, this is nice... However, I wish it had the feature to add multiple docks like ObjectDock...
  17. Yes, it would be nice to have all the tweaks listed so that I could use them without having to run nlite first... (ex: on existing windows builds)
  18. Hey guys, I searched for a bit and could not find an automated tool to do this... I need some ideas of how to make this tool for like a right click or sendto option. The "Debugging Tools for Windows" need to be installed, and should be in the 'C:\Program Files\Debugging Tools for Windows' location. After doing so, the code is: cd C:\Program Files\Debugging Tools for Windows\ kd -z C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini???????-??.dmp .logopen c:\debuglog.txt .sympath srv*c:\symbols*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols .reload;!analyze -v;r;kv;lmnt;.logclose;q My question... How do we automate this task so that I can just browse to a minidump file, right click and select an option to do the above actions automatically? ...any Ideas or existing programs that already do this?
  19. Hey All, I'm looking for a NAS Enclosure, One with Gigabit Ethernet, SATA and Built-In FTP Server Abilities. I need opinions on what I should get. Ideally, I would like to keep the price under $200 or slightly over. Thanks In Advance, Dave
  20. The best resource yet! http://driverpacks.net/ Check out the Forums and the Driver Packs ~Dave
  21. Hmm... Well it hasn't done it to me in a little while, but it is so sporadic it is hard to predict and I'm not able to foresee when the issue will arise... I wish there were more than just you and I having this issue that we could talk to.... but *sigh* I'll keep hunting... until i decide I'm done trying to fix little thing after little thing, and just reformat again... ~Dave
  22. Sure, I could have told you that reinstalling the OS would resolve this... but were you able to every find out how to resolve the issue on the current Install of the OS, without having to go through such drastic measures as a reinstall? ~Dave
  23. Nope, the only thing that I have plugged into USB is my Microsoft Optical Mouse.... no usb drives. I haven't tried to access the Admin account with CTRL ALT DEL, however... none of the other accounts that have password will accept the passwords... but next time this happens I will try. (Hasn't happened in a while because I've been actually shutting down my system lately. However, I would normally leave it on for weeks at a time) ...And that is a no for me as well on the Vista Pack.... ~Dave
  24. Thats a big NEG on both... this system wasn't built with nLite.... and has no spaces in the username(s). What are you thinking the issue could be? ~Dave
  25. Actually... recently I am having the same exact issue!!! It is very annoying! I have all US Keyboard layouts (default)... However I have ~6 accounts on my system, and all but 1 have a password. As graysky pointed out, this seems to only happen when 1 user uses the "switch user" and another logs in and allows the system to auto logout... after this happens I have 2 choices.... logon to the account without a password..... or restart the system. Please, any input would be great. This is a very annoying issue. ~Dave

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