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  1. Sorry for posting the file... I have corrected it and added it as an attachment. The USB keyboard/Mouse was NOT connected during the setup of both the nlited and Vanilla copies. The nlited version pops up with a new hardware wizard that requires user input, where as the Vanilla version will find and auto install the device without ANY user interaction. I dont believe that I have removed any drivers with nlite, but if someone would be so kind as to double check the attached file that would seriously help me a lot. I DO have the .CAT files being removed, but I also have WFP Disabled, so they shouldn't be needed for anything. ...but if nlite didn't remove the drivers, what other setting could be causing this issue?
  2. This IS normal for XP MCE, because it is basically Pro with some extra features. As for the other issues, make sure that the key that that was generated is NOT the same as the one on the system's COA sticker...
  3. Ok, here is what is going on... I have made a unattended install with nlite, and have lost the auto-driver install feature...ie: when I plug in a USB mouse or keyboard, it comes up with the found new hardware wizard and I have to plug in a PS/2 mouse/keyboard to click through the wizard. If I do a base vanilla install of XP without slipstreaming anything, when a USB mouse or keyboard is plugged in, it installes all the drivers without ever being prompted.... I need help fixing this ASAP! Please! Attached is my 'Last Session.ini' file: Last_Session.ini
  4. Um, I'm having the SAME exact issue, except that I'm using a multi-boot CD instead of a DVD. I too have tried different media & drives... and will work fine sometimes, but other times it doesn't even give me the "press any key" prompt... anyone have any insight?
  5. Try searching a little before you post... here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=71016 ...a work in progress, but it will get you started
  6. No it doesn't really matter, but if you have the wrong version on nLite it does... I believe that there was a glitch in one of the versions where it created temp files inside the target DIR... and didn't remove them on completion... hence causing the 1GB+ DIR...
  7. Correct, just select the 7z update pack like normal in nLite....
  8. thats strange... maybe make sure you are using a clean source and not a previously compiled one. also make sure that you have the latest nLite program, because there have been a few updates in the last week or so... some of them were "silent" updates that got changed but the release version didn't... so try downloading that again, and see how it goes.
  9. I've had no issues with his latest packs... even with the newest 7z files. Maybe try using the Intigrator on RyanVM's site to see if that works better.
  10. strange... on the 4th time of building the disk (all identical files) on a native SP2 disk... it seemed to work. I'll let you know if this happens again.
  11. I've run into this a couple of times (on rare occations) but usually I was just able to run windows setup again and it came out fine. But if you pinpoint the issue, let us know.
  12. Mine is XP Home OEM SP2 (native sp2, not slipstreamed sp2)... havent tried pro though ... just double checked, and ASMS Compression is off.
  13. Mine is XP Home OEM SP2 (native sp2, not slipstreamed sp2)... havent tried pro though
  14. @ nuhi - I just ran into this again, with nLite v1.0.1 Final. What's up with it?
  15. That was also going to be my suggestion. The simplest always works What if HE want's access? Or just allow your MAC address. ... then I guess the wording should have said, eveybody but me
  16. WOW, Sounds Impressive! 15min install!!! Can you share the wealth of how you got it to this point? ...maybe even a little Tut. would be awsome!
  17. I am curious as well if this is possible...
  18. would someone be so kind as to post the pre-converted hex names for the respective providers? this would greatly help me in my endevors... thanks in advance.
  19. This is exactly why I requested the specific ones. So that they would stay with their respective OEM Versions instead of mismatching them. If anyone is willing to help me on this issue, please PM me.
  20. ... I guess I'm at a loss and not understanding something. could you explain how I would use the existing keys that I have to install other OEM Home copies (ie: Sony, Gateway... etc) and still preserve the pre-activation?!What? Open your eyes and read a bit! This already is discused in this topic.... you can use ANY royalty SLP key for EVERY Royalty OEM vendor (HP key on Dell systems, acer key on gateway systems etc etc) ...whats so hard understanding? Sry, I was under the impression that it wasn't legit to use say a HP SLP Key on a Non-HP System... or maybe I'm mistaken.....
  21. ... I guess I'm at a loss and not understanding something. could you explain how I would use the existing keys that I have to install other OEM Home copies (ie: Sony, Gateway... etc) and still preserve the pre-activation?!Thanks. Right now I am NOT running the latest Driver Packs because there are still a lot of kinks that need to be worked out before I invest my time in compiling another copy with the new GUI.
  22. I know this guys, I run a PC Repair shop and already have OEM copies of windows (non-royalty)... that is not the thing I am after. I am trying to gather "Royalty Pre-Activation" Files and Product Keys, for use on 1 Multi-Boot CD. Right now I have a CD (CD! not DVD!) that I have compiled and has the following: XP Home - OEM XP Pro - OEM Dell XP Home Dell XP Pro Compaq XP Home Compaq XP Pro Emachine XP Home HP XP Home HP XP Pro Sony XP Pro ~5.2GB of Data Crammed onto a 700MB CD... I am in search of other "Royalty OEM" OEMBIOS & Product Keys, but from what I understand is that the you have to have the Original Mass License Key to keep Pre-Acticated status (XP Home) or use the Key Provided by Microsoft for XP Pro. My end goal is to have a CD that will auto-detect any Royalty OEM system and auto-install the correct OEMBIOS & Key for the selected version on XP (Home or Pro).... But, In order to do so, I need Key's for the Royalty OEM's that I didn't list above.

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