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  1. I only have 3 floppys. Hmm, i might have to try that if I can get a pack of floppies (No one sells them these days). Ill see if the BIOS allows booting from USB devices because I could copy the boot disc onto my USB memory pen and try it with that? From what I remember, that floppy can't read NTFS, so I can't understand why the CDROM is F: but can you see anything on the C: drive when booting that floppy ???. Should a I try the tree command on C: to see if the above suggestion works? Regards, Nad
  2. I use a backup copy of my XP disc. I lost my XP disc a while back and use a backup of it which I made after I purchased it using Nero.
  3. The DOS from the Windows 98 Boot Disc
  4. FDisk was used when i first set up the computer about 1 year ago. Will partition magic do the job or does Acronis have some special features to evade this error? Thanks for replies Nad
  5. F: Is the CD/DVD drive for the computer whilst in DOS. All partitions are NTFS. And this error occurs when I attempt to run setup (by executing winnt in DOS). For all other PCs i have tried it on, the setup program starts up fine, give me hte option to format partitions and choose which one I want to install it on etc. Nad
  6. Hi there. I have been wanting to reinstall XP Professional on my PC however when I type the following in dos: f: cd i386 winnt I get an error stating: "An Internal error has occurred. Could not find a place for a swap file." I dont know what the problem is because if i place the cd into my other pc's and run setup via dos, the setup program works fine. Im not really sure on what i should do - use fdisk, delete C:, recreate it then attempt an install? The thing about that is when writing a floppy disc with windows 98 boot, i keep getting "Disc error in track x, head x. Address mark not found." My HDD is 250 gig, partitioned as follows: C: 20GB D: 19.9GB E: 99.9GB F: 92.8GB I am using 15 gig on C: (OS, apps and files) and about 20 gig on E:, backups. I also have 1gig of ram if it makes any difference? Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any support! Nad
  7. vlc media player - http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ - plays almost any type of video and audio file - can be downloaded as an installer or just with all the files in a zip so you can run it straight away.
  8. 1) you can visit the themes section of the wordpress site - http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/ - they have lots of themes availiable for download. 2)open the template files (index.php) and make the necessary modifications you want to add. you could also use an iframe: <iframe src="http://www.yourblog.com/path/to/blog/index.php"> height="600" width="600"></iframe> 3)try checking your config files to ensure you have the correct url set up. also check ALL the files have been uploaded. if not, open up the files and modify the links you cannot access so they work. Hope these direct you to the right direction! Nad
  9. The only noob way to actually do this would just be editing your page each time with your post, which can be a bit tedius. Also, there are a variety of forum softwares availiable, here are some that use php & mysql: SMF (Free) phpBB (Free) Invision Power Board (Paid) vBulletin (Paid) You may also want to check out this wiki article, displaying pros and cons of each software. If you can get hold of a copy of IPB 2.0 Beta (It is free to use), I would strongly reccomend using that as it is far better than phpbb (in my eyes). Also, SMF has a "package" system which allows you to easily install and un-install mods There are also a variety of websites which hose forums for free too, including: Proboards Hosted Board EZForum To be honest, I would stay away from these as you don't have complete access and there are limits on customizations, modifications etc. Hope this helps you Nad
  10. You could use fwrite - http://uk2.php.net/fwrite It basically takes values (usually from a form) and saves them to a text file. Just remember to chmodd the file to 777!
  11. Try dynamic drive or hotscripts, they have a large collection of dhtml and js scripts which can create this effect. I had a file which achieved this so i'll try to dig it out. If i find it, i'll be sure to post the code for you (js).
  12. In order to create such an application, dynamic coding would be your best bet, PHP or ASP. Also, using a database would help such as mySQL. You would need a page where you can enter your post and another page (probably your index) that will retrieve the post. If you don't know/want to code your own, try using a premade blog software such as Wordpress.