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  1. Have you verified that the network is live, active, connected during the sysprep process? I have had issues with our Lenovo m90p where the NIC drier is not fully loaded until after the join domain process completes, turns out to be a driver issue. You can press Shift-F10 during setup to open a cmd prompt and check for network connectivity via ipconfig.
  2. Try this: <identification> <credentials> <domain>{Domain (not fully qualified)}</domain> <password>{redacted}</password> <username>{Domain User with rights to create computer objects in OU}</username> </credentials> <joindomain>{Domain (not fully qualified)}</joindomain> <machineobjectou>ou=Dekstops,ou=Windows 7 x86,ou=Workstations,ou=Office,dc=domain,dc=local</machineobjectou></identification>
  3. First guesses would be wrong account or password for join or a OU that does not exist. But without an attached unattend I'm only guessing
  4. What software did you install in your image? What if any drivers were added?
  5. Office 2007 is 32-bit only but will run in a 64-bit Windows OS. Office 2010 is the first that has both 32 and 64 bit version though the 32-bit still works in a 64-bit os.
  6. Yes you can copy the DVD to a folder on your drive and install from there.
  7. Any of the products on the first post should be able to accomplish what you want to do assuming they will successfully complete the process. Some of those listed are free others are not.
  8. http://blog.dotsmart.net/2009/06/24/using-windows-7s-xp-mode-to-run-ie-6-and-ie-7-side-by-side/ Apparently other ways have been found by looking at this link you just need to create a shortcut in the all users folder. XP Mode was still beta last time I tried this.
  9. You are requesting one thing but doing another. If you are trying to clone one drive to another I've not had any issues with ghost or Seagate disk wizard, if all you want ot do is make it the default boot device and reload manually or otherwise you can use diskpart.
  10. If Dblake1's suggestion does not work, if you are running an eligible version of windows 7 you can install Windows XP Mode and then upgrade it to IE 7 and there is a registry key you need to add so you can see it in win7.
  11. What activex control are you trying to install? Does the existing installer even though non-msi already have switches so it can be installed silently? If so you may be able to just wrap the EXE into an MSI and call the EXE with the appropriate switches to install silently.
  12. If it were me I woud buy the bigger faster drive to put in the machine and an external enclosure usb enclosure to put the old drive in.
  13. If the code posted if your actual code, remove the period after the printer name. objNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "\\pilgrims-two\colorICT." to objNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "\\pilgrims-two\colorICT"
  14. I don't boot to the 64-bit PE, but have had issues with the 32-bit driver for these machines also. I ended up installing all of the available drivers (48 of them) from the ProWin32.exe and that seems to have solved it. Just installing the one specific driver would not consistently work.
  15. wow that'sa good one man, thanks for encouraging us all here. Just wish I could get to that point myself. Getting close but not there yet.
  16. Go to first topic click the edit button in the lower right of the first post window it will reload with the minimal editor click the link to use the full editor and then you can edit the title. Might want to fix the spelling error in Exel also to Excel .
  17. Online or offline training that way when the boss finds out you have everything running so well he thinks you aren't needed, you have more certifications under your belt for the new job. Which it seems to me that the ultimate goal of a sysadmin or IT support person should be to have nothing to do. If everything was done right the first time all you should have to do is the new project and the unforeseen or unavoidable emergencies, or maintenance of business tasks (which hopefully can be automated as much as possible).
  18. If you popup a msgbox (or setup a watch and step through the program) after the myParam line do you get what you need to run it? if there are spaces in the parameters does the program require they be surrounded by quotes? myParam = Replace(TextBox1.Text, Chr(13), " ") ' replaces carriage returns with spaces System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(MyProg, myParam)
  19. Use variables for the switches, you could use one for the executable also if needed. Note Syntax my not be exactly correct (too many languages in my head and I don't have VS installed at the moment) My_Prog = "C:\path\myexe.exe" ... myParam=replace(ParamTextbox.text, chr(13), " ") ' replaces carriage returns with spaces Shell My_prog myParam
  20. I rcvd a response from my coworkers. The only thing they did with drivers was to copy the drivers to a sub-folder structure within c:\windows\inf they did nothing to specifically add boot critical drivers to image. So we may just be lucky since all of the system we normally deploy to would be using intel sata or ide controllers not in any raid configuration.
  21. As I don't use MDT I'm not sure exactly where you would put this, but you could have a script run after the image is dropped but before reboot to do a look up on the MAC address and then update the answer file with the computer name and corresponding license number.
  22. I don't. I sent an email to one of my co-workers that does it this way and am waiting for a reply, when I get it I'll let you know. Again it could be they luck out due to not needing one also though.
  23. the ones using ghost use the VMDK (virtual machine disk file) instead of a GHO file. So they sysprep the VM after making changes and then run ghost and point to the VMDK instead of pointing to a GHO file. Believe this option was added with the ghost solution suite 2, might have been v2.5 though. They don't get the WIM at all I give them a clone of the VM.
  24. If I am using WIMs I create the master image in VMWare, and non boot critical drivers to a sub folder of c:\windows\inf, sysprep and capture a WIM. Then use DISM to inject the boot critical drivers. There are groups in my department that use my master VM and modify it and deploy it to their department machines and some of those still use Ghost, but I don't know that we have any machines that require any boot critical device drivers at boot up. I install the Intel chipset drivers to be on the safe side as all of our machines are Intel based Lenovo laptops or desktops.

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