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    How to create new *.script files for own tools? Assume I want to add own resp. new tools to an existing PEBakery installation. I guess I have to create a corresponding *.script file similar to WinBuilder. But: How do I do this in PEBakery? In WinBuilder there are some Utilties included which let me do this. I miss such utilties in PEBakery. How does it work here? Can I simply copy the *.script files from WinBuilder (=are the *.script files compatible)?
  2. Assume I want to backup the current address book of my Outlook and restore it later (possibly to another version). How can I do this ? Again: I don't want to care about the current version - Outlook vs Outlook Express - Outlook 2003 vs Outlook 2007 - Outlook 32bit vs Outlook 64bit I would like to have a convenient transparent way of interchanging the address books? Is there a 3rd party tool for that? Peter
  3. I installed IE9 on 64bit Win7 and loaded the followijng page: http://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/natur/0,1518,druck-756483,00.html All characters in this article are displayed correctly in IE9. However when I want to print it into a *.pdf file with the well known pdf printer driver PDFcreate then some characters are replaced by rectangles (see attached sample). Why? When I print the same web page on another computer with 64bit Win7 and IE8 then everything works fine. So is this a bug in IE9 or a misadjustement of encoding in Win7? Peter wrong pdf with rctangles.pdf
  4. Assume I have a *.png or *.jpg picture of size 300*200 pixel. I want to - put it into an existing word doc on ONE certain page (not all) - put it in background so that all other stuff (especially the actual text) is on top - stretch it to 600 *250 pixel - and position it to (10,40) = 10 pixels from the top border and 40 pixels from the left border. How exactly can I do it in - Office 2004 - Office 2007 ? Matt
  5. When I enter at the command prompt of C: dir /a then a (JUNCTION) folder "Documents and Settings" is listed which points to C:\Users However this Junction is NOT visible in WinExplorer How can I tell WinExplorer to show Junctions as well (maybe in different color) ? Peter
  6. Whenever I open a new Word *.doc a full new separate window is opened. How can I tell Word 2007 just to open a new tab for this new document? Peter
  7. Hmm, when I try to run your script (see above) then I get an error popup: line 8 Char 1 The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has noenabled device associated with it Code 80070422 I don't know which service or deviuce is meant. How can I run this script otherwise or enable (which?) service? Peter
  8. Whenever I open some Excel docs to have a look at the content table and want to close it afterwards WITHOUT CHANGING ANYTHING then Excel (2003/2007) asks me if I want to save the changes. I think Excel automatically re-calculates embedded formulas even if I did not type in manually stuff. So Excel thinks I made some changes. How can I tell Excel to NOT prompt me any more to save changes if the changes are only based on formula re-calculations ? If this is not possible: How can I tell Excel to automatically save all changes without prompting me? Is it possible to setup this preference for ALL e
  9. How can I list which of the available Win7 patches/updates from Microsoft are currently really applied and installed on the local Win7 system? The list of patches/updates should cover updates for Offcie 2003/2007 as well. How can I list the information? Peter
  10. As well known the User Account Control can be disabled completely or alternatively adjusted to the minimum lowest level. Is there a different between these two variants from the security point of view? Matt
  11. Assume I have a well running XP installation on my desktop computer. Now I bought a new notebook computer with pre-installed WinXP and would like to have the same settings as on my existing Win XP. Is there a way to copy all relevant settings from one XP installation to another? This copying should NOT pay attention to drivers. Instead the following settings are e.g. important : - Taskbar settings (auto-hide,...) - WinExplorer settings (show extensions, show hidden files,...) - Regional settings and keyboard taskbar indicators - SystemRestorePoint settings (which partition to monitor) - Intern
  12. Assume I pin a prgm to the Taskbar in Win7. How can I (later) add some additional start cmdline parameters for the launch of this program? Sample: I pinned Windows Explorer. How can I add explorer.exe /n,/e,D:\work Do I really have to create a shortcut first, then add the parms here in shortcut Properties and finally pin the shortcut? I cannot believe this cumbersome procedure should be the only way. Under WinXP I could directly right click on an icon on QuickLaunchBar and add the parms without problems. This is not possible in Win7 any more.
  13. Assume I opened WinExplorer for a certain directory say D:\work Then I take a screen snaphot into a picture file or save a content into a new file from a 3rd program in this directory. So one or more files are created from outside WinExplorer in the currently shown directory. But the problem is that even after 3 minutes WinExplorer does NOT show these new files. I always have to click on another folder and then switch back to the old folder. Then the new files show up on the right pane of WinExplorer. This can be observed for ALL folders (not only D:\work). It seems to me that creating a new f
  14. In general I prefer to install software from hard disc rather than from DVD. Can I copy at first all files from MS Office 2007 to hard disc and install it from there? Or do I always have to install it from DVD? M.
  15. Assume I buy a MS Office 2007 version. Is there always a 32bit and a 64bit on the same cd/DVD? Or do I have to buy either Office 2007 as 32bit OR as 64bit? m.
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