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  1. Store the HTTP string in a variable: HTTPString = "" Now your REPLACE to put your MAC address in the place of XXXXXXXXXXXX FinalHTTP = Replace (HTTPString, "XXXXXXXXXXXX", YourMAC) Then call ie.Navigate with the new string ie.navigate(FinalHTTP)
  2. What does this return? netsh interface show interface
  3. netsh interface set interface "Local Area Connection" DISABLED Worked just fine on my Win7 x64 system.
  4. creating the install.wim is the same as capturing your ghost image. You can still use ghost to capture and deploy the image if you so desire. Otherwise you can use WinPE and imagex to capture and deploy the image.
  5. Glad to see the finally added .NET framework and Powershell support to WinPE
  6. Boot from a WinPE cd or thumbdrive and you can use my keydecoder to extract the vista key from the install if the registry is still readable. But Jaclaz is right that is normally a boot record/sector issue. See it a lot on Lenovo laptops that have a custom boot record that is larger than the standard boot sector size.
  7. I still maintain that it is a hardware failure or difference (bios, hw build, etc, Dell has caused this issue for me for years), if you had it work without error on 90% of the systems it is not your image or your answer file. Are you using the Universal Imaging Utility in creating your image?
  8. goto %1 :sorry Echo Sorry! Goto :end :welcome echo welcome Goto :end :end just use the label name for the switch
  9. If this is a direct copy and paste of the commands you are missing a " in the second line, or maybe a [ instead?
  10. verify the bios level on the ten machines is the same as the other 30. We used to have this problem regularly with windows xp and Dell systems when motherboards were replaced under warranty and were a different BIOS revision or HW build revision.
  11. When/how are these accounts created? This box is checked by default on local accounts created via the GUI. If you are creating them via script why not create them with this already set? Powershell example: function New-LocalUser ([string]$accountName = "testuser") { $comp = [ADSI] "WinNT://computername" $user = $comp.Create("User", $accountName) $user.put("PasswordExpired",1) $user.SetPassword("P@ssw0rd") $user.SetInfo() }
  12. Create a Windows PE boot disk based on the Vista or Windows 7 WAIK. I have two tutorials on doing this on the forum. When the Boot.wim (or winpe,wim) file is mounted edit the startnet.cmd file and add your diskpart command, imagex command and an EXIT to the end of the file. copy your system image to the ISO folder. Create your ISO. Start burning DVD's.
  13. create a ISO of your boot media. Boot from the ISO and either connect ot a network share form the VM, or connect a USB hard drive to the VM then capture the image to that device/connection. I don't use virtual box so I don't know if this is possible with virtualbox, but with VMWare and Virtual PC there are ways to mount the Virtual Disk as a hard drive and then you can capture the image from the captured drive to your image.
  14. You can configure GPO startup and logon script to run visibly. Startup: Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\System\Scripts\Run startup scripts visible Logon User Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\System\Scripts\Run logon scripts visible
  15. More elegant? It is a video of the instructions in the document I linked to. Oh, and I provide text you can copy and paste into the command prompt so you don't have to type.
  16. Don't know of a way to capture an image without creating some form of boot media and using some appropriate tool to perform the capture.
  17. Google USB file transfer cable: http://www.google.com/search?q=usb+file+transfer+cable&hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=uvU&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&prmd=ivns&source=univ&tbm=shop&tbo=u&sa=X&ei=DnclTpO4NMjv0gGCvsTqCg&ved=0CGAQrQQ&biw=1180&bih=949
  18. Whatever Boot.wim version you are using x86 or x64 is the version of the drivers you need to integrate. There have also been reports from some manufacturers with issues with USB3 and devices plugged in at boot up not showing up correctly or causing boot issues, most have released bios updates to solve the issue. Make sure your BIOS is up to date.
  19. Been there, took over a year for us to implement SMS 3, SCCM 2007 was out for more than 2 years before we upgraded to it, hopefully once 2012 is released we can get it deployed in less than a year this time. If you have more questions let me know, or check out myitforum.com there is a very large and knowledgeable SCCM community there.
  20. As far as SCCM 2007 (current release), 2012 is supposed to be released end of 2011-beginning of 2012, see comments below: The new technology MUST: DOES IT (Need PXE boot or vPRO to turn machines on if you complete hands off) - Deploy Windows 7 to any bare bones machine (including driver insertion) DOES IT (Need PXE boot or vPRO to turn machines on if you complete hands off) - Deploy Windows 2008 to any bare bones machine regardless (including driver insertion) Needs to configure OSD (Operating System Deployment in SCCM) DOES IT - Deploy Software from MSI - can be imported and SCCM will creat
  21. First one might be an option that's one I hadn't found, have to wait until tomorrow to try it. The second one either disables the sleep option and leaves it on the shutdown menu, or removes sleep, shutdown and restart which I still need restart and shutdown and would rather not put them as shortcuts anywhere..
  22. Why is it I always ask the hard questions no one has answers for.
  23. Any one know how to remove SLEEP from the Windows 7 Start Menu without removing Restart and Shutdown? I found how to disable it on the shutdown list but not remove it entirely.
  24. ..... objSelection.TypeParagraph() if strFax <> "" then objSelection.TypeText "Direct Fax: " & strFax End If Set objSelection = objDoc.Range() ......
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