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  1. If he is using SMS/SCCM a SID change is necessary as the GUID that SMS/SCCM uses is partially based off of the SID and SMS/SCCM do not like duplicate GUIDs. You could kinda get away with it in SMS but SCCM is much less tolerant of duplicate GUIDs.
  2. Vista driver needed. PE2 which is what you created is based off of windows Vista.
  3. Which version were you using? 2.183 I assume. What driver was it dying on? would it do some and not others? and what OS?
  4. 4. see the guide for instructions on loading drivers, drvload (inf path) 1-2. You can make an image as desbcribed but you need to run sysprep to prep the machines for the destination systems, especially if you are using SMS. Once the machine shuts down after running sysprep you can capture your image. It depends upon the hardware how machine specific the image is. I have images I have successfully deployed to laptops and desktops, just have to have the drivers available. 3. I'm assuming you are using XP, if that is the case there isn't a built in way to add updates to the image. You could create your own method to install updates post imaging, i.e. have a folder in the image the updates go in, then on first boot have a script check the folder for updates and install each update it finds. Then all you would need to do is mount the WIM and add the update files to the folder. Or if you have WSUS and point your system at it you could manually (or via script) kick off automatic updates to download and install. By the way this process will also work for Vista, but then you have the addititional option of being able to add updates to the WIM from the commandline, it is a feature of Vista and using WIMs with it.
  5. Not sure which if any of the free product support OS/2 properly. They need to be able to capture a non-standard master boot record. Symantec Ghost can do it using the /IB (Image Boot) switch. If you are going to just store a hard drive you could use a drive of the same or larger size and do a sector for sector (forensic) copy of the drive and store the copied drive as your backup.
  6. When you ran the diskpart commands are you sure you did the ACTIVE command? Usually the one everyone forgets or misses. You can run dist part, select the disk and set it to active without wiping the drive. Diskpart select disk 0 active exit
  7. You can use it with Vista also. Actually there are more options to go along with Vista like offline patching. Win7 uses some different commands for some of it.
  8. My assembler is a little rusty, like by 25 some odd years. I've actually used winexplorer.
  9. At the time of that re-write I was trying to stay away from .NET since it was not yet widely distributed/downloaded/installed and everyone was complaining about it. Much easier to find and install the activex control than the .NET redistributable, at the time. Maybe the next version if I do one I'll do in full .NET instead of using .NET to wrap the code in like the first version. I believe the check-listbox is the control that requires it, and there isn't one that works as easily built into the VB6 arch.
  10. Knew there was something it needed.
  11. Completely forgot I did that version. Must be working for you. v2.1.8.3 added to first post.
  12. Hmmm, I vaguely recall having done that to fix a specific problem Ricktendo was experiencing. I'll look for it and update when i find it, might take me a day to search my backups. Didn't know he put it in a video, I certainly haven't seen my royalty check yet.
  13. Updated for what? currently what is here is what there is.
  14. Shouldn't need to compile, source for DriverForge is not available last i knew.
  15. I intend to update it for WIn7 and full 64-bit, but my real work is going to have to slow down a little bit before it is going to happen.
  16. doesn't matter whether you call it by the installer.msi, or by msiexec.exe, msiexec is used in either case, if msiexec is not in your list of allowed applications to run you are hosed.
  17. If DriveStatus( $DVDDRIVE ) = "READY" Then RunWait("AnyTool2.exe ripraw " & $DVDDRIVE & " " & $RIPFOLDER)
  18. I believe you can do this using the windows built in secedit.exe tool
  19. @twelfd - if you re-read his requirements, no external media or source can be used it must all be self contained on the internal hard drive of the machine.
  20. Can you click in the associated text boxes and you see a cursr there or do you get no blinking cursor at all?
  21. Wouldn't it be easier to just call a CMD file that contained all these commands?
  22. Did your previous employers use Exchange? If so the PST was not stored on another server you accessed the mail store directly form the Exchange server or if configured in cahced mode you pulled the mail, calendar, etc down to you machine and worked from a cached copy in an OST file found in the same location as the local PST.
  23. You are running Win7 in VMWare and want to run XP Mode for Windows inside this VM? Not going to happen. VMWare does not emulate the HW virtualization required by Virtual PC. At least v6.5 did not. Version 7 was release earlier this week, it may allow this, but I have not yet received my upgrade license so I haven't checked it out. Version 7 s supposed to be fully Windows 7 compatible.
  24. Ok, let's get some more details on what customizations are done to a machine when delivered to the end user and they answer your pre-deployment questionnaire. So what questions are asked and what possible changes are done as a result of the answers.
  25. there are a number of different file explorer applications that work within PE, bsexplorer, freecommander, A43, Xenon to name a few. You can even get a sudo start menu using the PortableApps menu from portableapps.com

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