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  1. Not without finding someones or creating a third party utility of some sort. At least not that I know of.
  2. you can use the -clone switch with ghost and it will ask you if you want to proceed. if you add -sure with it it will not. i.e. ghost -clone,mode=load,src=g:\diskimg.gho,dst=1 will load the diskimg.gho to the first disk in the machine and ask if you want to proceed. ghost -clone,mode=load,src=g:\diskimg.gho,dst=1 -sure will do the same without the prompt to continue. you can also add -rb to automatically reboot after the image is loaded. If you want more prompts before ghost loads use the CHOICE dos batch command.
  3. I'm doing the same thing, have patience is all I can say, it takes an additional 10-30 minutes, and it will stay stuck on the 13 minute mark until finished. Edit: As an alternative, you can also mount the image as a secondary disk in a working load of os within virtual pc and view the logs etc that may be there.
  4. I can turn the service (Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) / Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)) to be enabled/disabled, but this does not actually turn the firewall on for the network connection. I found a script on M$ site that will allow me to enable it. And I have been able to modify it to enable the firewall on every connection in the machine, but it comes up with a dialog box at the end I haven't been able to work around. Its asking if you want to allow WScript.exe to access Internet Connection Protection settings, and gives you yes (default), no, help. If you click yes it works great.
  5. I'm in the process of finishing up my unatened install cd, and was wondering if it is posible to turn on the built in XP firewall via script. And if anyone knew how.
  6. If you delete or remove any other bootable drives/partitions it normally ignores the "press any key......." and starts the install process.
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