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  1. And once that happens most men stop wooing and romancing but women still want it.
  2. Not sure about '03 & '10 but for '03 and '07 you added the following reg entries for '07, possibly modify for '10 may work. from CMD prompt: reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Word\Options /v NoReReg /t REG_DWORD /d 1 reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Access\Options /v NoReReg /t REG_DWORD /d 1
  3. Pulls missing updates from Microsoft (or WSUS if configured for it) and installs: Set updateSession = CreateObject("Microsoft.Update.Session") Set updateSearcher = updateSession.CreateupdateSearcher() WScript.Echo "Searching for updates..." & vbCRLF Set searchResult = _ updateSearcher.Search("IsInstalled=0 and Type='Software'") WScript.Echo "List of applicable items on the machine:" For I = 0 To searchResult.Updates.Count-1 Set update = searchResult.Updates.Item(I) WScript.Echo I + 1 & "> " & update.Title Next If searchResult.Updates.Count = 0 Then WScript.Echo "There are no applicable updates." WScript.Quit End If WScript.Echo vbCRLF & "Creating collection of updates to download:" Set updatesToDownload = CreateObject("Microsoft.Update.UpdateColl") For I = 0 to searchResult.Updates.Count-1 Set update = searchResult.Updates.Item(I) WScript.Echo I + 1 & "> adding: " & update.Title updatesToDownload.Add(update) Next WScript.Echo vbCRLF & "Downloading updates..." Set downloader = updateSession.CreateUpdateDownloader() downloader.Updates = updatesToDownload downloader.Download() WScript.Echo vbCRLF & "List of downloaded updates:" For I = 0 To searchResult.Updates.Count-1 Set update = searchResult.Updates.Item(I) If update.IsDownloaded Then WScript.Echo I + 1 & "> " & update.Title End If Next Set updatesToInstall = CreateObject("Microsoft.Update.UpdateColl") WScript.Echo vbCRLF & _ "Creating collection of downloaded updates to install:" For I = 0 To searchResult.Updates.Count-1 set update = searchResult.Updates.Item(I) If update.IsDownloaded = true Then WScript.Echo I + 1 & "> adding: " & update.Title updatesToInstall.Add(update) End If Next WScript.Echo "Installing updates..." Set installer = updateSession.CreateUpdateInstaller() installer.Updates = updatesToInstall Set installationResult = installer.Install() 'Output results of install WScript.Echo "Installation Result: " & _ installationResult.ResultCode WScript.Echo "Reboot Required: " & _ installationResult.RebootRequired & vbCRLF WScript.Echo "Listing of updates installed " & _ "and individual installation results:" For I = 0 to updatesToInstall.Count - 1 WScript.Echo I + 1 & "> " & _ updatesToInstall.Item(i).Title & _ ": " & installationResult.GetUpdateResult(i).ResultCode Next
  4. I've had the best luck by placing my unattend file in windows\panther and pointing sysprep to it there when I run it.
  5. So let me make sure I het what you are trying to do. You install Windows 7 on a machine, customize it as needed and sys prep it with your unattend.XML file then capture a WIM image of it. Then you want to deploy that WIM to another machine and after applying the image modify the unattend.XML file with different values before the mini-setup and oobe run? If that sums up what you want to do then the answer is yes you can do that. Some changes to the unattend.XML file may not apply depending upon what phase the change is being made in. You should not have any issues changes settings within the OOBE pass of the answer file.
  6. Run as a startup script via AD GPO? Use the preferences in a GPO to change the file permissions. If you need the file on your machines just copy from another machine and make the appropriate folder structure to hold it. No need to install the app.
  7. That's the next thing I'll be playing with is WinRE. I know it works the way I have it documented for which partition is set to active as that is how all of my systems are done so I will leave the document as is for that right now. I'll work on adding another page dealing specificaly with WIndows 7 and the reserved partition etc for those using it.
  8. Tripredacus - thinking I should just add another page to deal specifically with Windwos 7 and the system reserved partition. If you look at the sample script for windows 7 dual partition you see that both partitions are primary partitions. If you make the OS partition the active during sysprep does it modify the reserved partition to hold the boot info or does it place it on the os partition since that is the bootable partition? In my experiences so far i has ignored the reserved parititon altogether which is why I run bcdboot to recreate the BCD records on the appropriate partition.
  9. You will need to check the EULA for the WAIK to make sure you are not in violation of it but that being said you may be able to use Windows Imaging. If you use the backup & restore before putting any data on the machine you could accomplish the same thing. Guide to using WAIK to make image of system:
  10. I have updated this document for use with Windows 7 base PE 3.0 the new topic can be found at A new version using Windows 7 based PE 3.0 is here:
  11. Long ago in a land far, far, away....oh wait wrong story, but close, I wrote the tutorial here on MSFN for using Vista PE (PE 2.0) to image XP using WIMs. Well here is the updated document using Windows 7. While originally tailored to imaging Windows XP, the same process applies for imaging Vista and Windows 7. As always if you have additions, changes, find errors, etc. let me know and I'll update as appropriate and give credit where due. Creating WIM Images for System Deployment Using Windows 7 PE 3.0.pdf Link to Vista PE post: http://www.msfn.org/...post__p__674778
  12. If you actually go to th Forum and look at the windows 7 driverpacks downloads you'll find that the links there direct you to the vista downloads.
  13. Windows 7 automatically scans subfolders. So since c:\widows\inf is the default driver location it searches there and all of it's subfolders. Only thing left is to install any needed boot critical drivers, settings in the answer file for this. If you switch to using WIM you can inject them to the image.
  14. Driverpacks work just fine for Windows 7. THere is no finalized tool for integrating them but the Vista/7 driverpacks exist and work just fine. I don't use them in my image as I have a limited collection of hardware so it is easier for me to have collected the drivers I need.
  15. Sorry, forgot to add that, yes I use sysprep after copying the drivers to c:\windows\inf, then capture the WIM image. If you are using ghost you will need to install the boot critical devices suring the sysprep process.
  16. Microsoft has made this very easy with Windows 7. I have an 7 image that to date I have deployed to more than 12 different models of machine including desktop and laptop. What I did is create my base image with no additional drivers, I build my images in VMWare Workstation. Once I had all the software installed and the OS configured as desired I copied my drivers to a subfolder in c:\windows\inf. Then I captured my WIM image. After the image was captured I've installed the necessary mass storage drivers use DISM and the offline driver install method. For deployment I create the 100 mb system reserved partition, then the rest of the drive and deploy only the Windows partition to the large partition. Then I run BCDBOOT to update the system reserved partition with the needed BCD information. All of our laptops are encrypted with Bitlocker so this makes that step easier. You can use this same method to deploy to a single partition also.
  17. http://www.adobe.com/devnet/creativesuite/enterprisedeployment.html
  18. I believe it will open them just fine. If you have opened them in Publisher 2007 then format is almost identical. If you want to attach a generic Publisher 2002 doc here I can try it for you and see what happens.
  19. have i missed anything

  20. There a problem with the download links in the first post? They are working for me.
  21. does it back any drivers up? or does it immediately puke when you start to back up?
  22. That's all? We have more machines than that in our available standard configs that departments can choose from. Times 6 years till some machines are removed, over 50 different machines I had to collect drivers for.
  23. Typically I run into this error with some video drivers (mainly ATI they are a royal pain) and some of the HD Audio drivers.
  24. I have never used the Deployment workbench so I can't speak to that but I can think of no reason why it would not work.

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