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  1. Awesome. It looks like it has an issue with the VirtualBox network card, as I've just tested it on a physical box and it's joined the domain, not asked me to create a local user and it looks like it's applying all my group policies before getting to the first logon. Thanks for all your help! This will drastically reduce my workload for new builds! Last (and far less important) step is to get it to automatically select Windows 7 Professional rather than prompting me. This was working with our Select ISO image, but stopped working when I changed to using the Dell disk as a source.
  2. Ok, I've corrected the spelling mistake in the FQDN (and tried it without the fully qualified bit) and the spelling mistake in the OU name The account I'm using is a domain admin, but is not the domain admin. <Identification> <Credentials> <Domain>domain</Domain> <Password>{redacted}</Password> <Username>AdminUser</Username> </Credentials> <JoinDomain>domain</JoinDomain> <MachineObjectOU>ou=Desktops,ou=Windows 7 x86,ou=Workstations,ou=Office,dc=domain,dc=local</MachineObjectOU> </Identification> Still not working, still getting the same errors in the log. Thanks for the help so far...
  3. Interesting. I distinctly remember attaching it. Anywho. Attached now, thanks! AutoUnattend (2).xml
  4. Is it possible do do a domain join without a SysPrep/audit stage? All the guides I've found mention sysprepping, and I don't want to do that if I can avoid it (it's a steep-looking learning curve and does far more than I need) All I want to do is: Stick the install disk in, select the partitioning options, and watch it get to a domain logon screen by the end. Is this possible? It looks like it's trying and failing to find the domain during the Specialise stage, but when I get to the desktop (and it creates a superfluous user account), I can join the domain as normal. The setuperr.log file is as follows: 2010-10-08 17:35:47, Error [MUIUNATTEND.EXE] Failed to set UILanguage value to en-GB. Error 2 2010-10-08 17:36:23, Error [shell Unattend] TakeOwnerAndDeleteKey failed (0x80070002) 2010-10-08 17:43:25, Error [DJOIN.EXE] Unattended Join: NetJoinDomain failed error code is [1355] 2010-10-08 17:43:25, Error [DJOIN.EXE] Unattended Join: Unable to join; gdwError = 0x54b 2010-10-08 17:45:58, Error [msoobe.exe] Failed to install product key I'm not too worried about the language or product key errors, it's the domain ones I'm looking at. If it makes any difference, I'm testing this on a Dell OptiPlex 780 (which is what the finished disks will be deployed to) and also (for minor changes to the XML) an Oracle VM VirtualBox machine. I've attached my AutoUnattend.xml - if someone can have a look at it, I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance folks
  5. It was a bigger issue than just Office - once I reinstalled, I got the full Windows Components list that you posted. I'm using the same Creative driver I used the first time, which worked (when .Net didn't). Beta issues, hey
  6. No, just a vanilla install. I reinstalled the whole shebang and .net and Office are now working. As a trade-off, my 5.1 Creative sound isn't working, I only get the front-right speaker producing sound :/
  7. Yes. Ah, don't know if it makes any difference but I'm in self-signing drivers mode (so that I could get PeerGuardian 2 to work). Only just thought of that...
  8. No I can't True - there seems to be quite a lot of lockdown despite the fact my account is an Administrator. Still, I'm willing to give it a bit of leeway considering it's a Beta - if the release version did this I'd get a refund, but I'll just report things and hope they get fixed (I sent in a bug report last night for this).
  9. I've tried that, but the installer just silently dies. I've tried unzipping it and trying different parts of the installer with different compatibility modes, but it keeps barfing when it asks for certain MSI files (and won't believe me when I show it where they are ) It's a shame actually, as I'm quite liking Windows 7. On the plus side, I don't use Office that much, but I'd like to get it working if poss as I did pay £40 for it... EDIT: Yeah, I've seen that link. The trouble is, my Control Panel makes no mention of .Net at all. It's not an installed program, nor is it a Windows Component. :/
  10. A few people seem to be having this problem, but my version is slightly different because I'm using an Office installer that I got from The Ultimate Steal rather than having a disk. Therefore rather than the normal range of files with a setup.exe, I've just got a single .exe file called X12-30307.exe If I try and install it normally or in Vista compatibility mode, I get the Error 1935 which seems to relate to the .Net framework - preinstalled and untouchable in Windows 7 as far as I can see. If I try it in XP compatibility mode I get a permissions error that I can't fix. Has anyone successfully gotten past the 1935 error? I'm trying re-downloading it, but I can't see that both copies of the exe I have are corrupt... Cheers guys
  11. could you translate in plain english (or other modern language) ? about 7-zip, instead of that so old meaningless switches try the standard NSIS switch : "/S" (capital letter) (and this info is present in FAQs at 7z.org & here) ++ It's Latin. It means (roughly) who watches the watchers? Who guards the guards, if you will. I didn't see the FAQ, I looked on the front page of the application switches sticky. If I do an update of the disk in 6 months, I'll just save the downloaded newest version over the existing one, so I don't have to fart around changing the RunOnceEx file instead. Whether or not it's any better is debatable, I guess.... I'll try the /S option, thanks
  12. Maybe I'm being thick, but I don't think so. I've got the first line in my RunOnceEx.cmd file reading: REG ADD %KEY%\001 /VE /D "7-Zip" /f REG ADD %KEY%\001 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\7Zip.exe -y /q /r:n" /f Yet it prompts for everything as if I'd just double clicked it. The rest of the apps in the list install silently... what am I doing wrong? This is 7-Zip 4.42, freshly downloaded today.
  13. Really? ****. (Damn is filtered? You gotta be kidding me!) It does sort of defeat the whole "unattended" concept if I have to be there to stick a disk in when it asks for one... Meh. I've set mine back to what it was for now. If anyone does find a way for me to use files from my Windows2000 CD to skip this tedious stage, please let us know!
  14. Add +menu 1 +fullscreen 1 +szx 1280 +szy 1024 To the shortcut to get BF2 in glorious 1280x1024. It works on the demo, am going to install the full game tonight. Don't see why it won't work though...
  15. So it doesn't matter what disc I use, becase the CD key gives me the Tablet functionality? Sweet. +1 point for Microsoft. I can't see the "cmpnents" folder on a brief glance, but I won't touch it now you've said that.

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