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  1. I've spent the last week trying to get an application to work in Java. The ultimate goal of what I'm working on now is a fountain, which produces numerous water drops which rise off the top of the canvas. What I would like the erroneous code do is make each water drop in the fountain rise by two pixels. If its y position gets equal or below 0 then the timer should stop. The timer works, it decreases in the interval I have specified, but trying to redraw the water droplet fails. I am beginning to think that I need to use the repaint method of what I have called the "Display" class to repaint all items to make the canvas update. The only issue with this is that is that the water drop objects cannot call the class method repaint (in Display). The timers are a part of each water drop so I've presumed they should be in the water drop object. If someone could look at the attached Java files and explain what part of the implementation is flawed it would be a great help. Not_Repainting.zip
  2. It appears the moderator did not read the thread he blocked, and is unavailable to take the matter seriously, so I have appealed to the wider MSFN administration for clarification on the issue.
  3. http://www.msfn.org/board/Windows-95-Launc...it-t115099.html - A moderator has closed this thread under section 2c of the MSFN rules, which states The thread, however is not asking for academic help. The post is original research of which anyone who heard about the Windows 95 launch at the time could answer, with no academic knowledge. The section states that the rule's scope covers anyone who asks for support writing an academic document or assignment, it does not cover original research, properly citing the author of any quotes used. The following reasons are why I believe the locking was an incorrect decision: The thread is a "share your memories" type question, with no academic information being asked for or implied The section clearly infers that it covers cheating in academic material, however this thread covers original research, with cited sources. The explanation of the rule is that it protects the academic careers of posters, original research does not in any way threaten the academic career of the thread poster. If the thread is in violation, I would appreciate a further explanation as to how my post is in violation of section 2c. of the MSFN rules so that I do not repeat this.
  4. I'm doing a University paper on the Windows 95 launch, If anyone here remembers the launch I'd love to hear your experiences, or if you played with Chicago (before 24/8/95) it would be cool to hear about that. There's a blimmin' lot of articles about it, so I'm expecting it would've been quite memorial to many people in the IT field.
  5. I'm trying to diagnose a problem with my computer networks, I use a WiFi Router to connect to a modem, there's a PC plugged into a wired port on the router which goes on the internet fine; However on startup, often my laptop connects via WiFi with Limited Connectivity and cannot go on the internet. When I run "Repair Network Connection" it reports that it "Cannot Repair Network". Other times the laptop starts fine, WiFi works and I can browse the internet. Resetting the Router and disabling+enabling the laptop WiFi does not fix this. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be wrong?
  6. My laptop's hinges have broken, and the laptops lid is nearly falling off, is there any way I could get it fixed? This is what it looks like
  7. Link to picture I've taken the cover off, its got a model number JVC brand Model: JDE2825P1 0-1
  8. I dunno, laptop its from has a b&w screen, less than 1mb RAM, no mouse... I cant get a model though
  9. I'm looking at a retro laptop for a friend, I've just opened the case, and this harddrive is not a normal 2.5" ide... its like twice the height, and has a longer IO port with more pins... In the photo its still got the laptops hdd holder on though, its basically a normal 2.5" drive but twice as high, and with a longer port, does anyone know what it is?
  10. Does anyone know a simple LAN messaging system that auto-focuses when another person says something, includes a "Send message" feature within the recieved message box, and doesnt need signed in / autosigns in? Something like Windows Messenger but without a contact list, just "Send message to LAN" or such and where hitting [X] hides the application, but it can still recieve messages. I've drawn a mspaint of a "dream application" to do this
  11. I've recently started on bebo, there doesn't seem to be many people on it, does anyone here actually use it, and how do I add friends? EDIT: Corrected wording
  12. Eech, I should have done a bit more trialing, replacing '&' with 'and' works (well enough)... it seems the character is handled as & until its painted on the form...
  13. ID3 version 2 or 3 is used in the files, I'm still actually figuiring out how to get proper ID3 v2/3 data.
  14. Would you be able to post what Registry value you changed, or change it back to what it was previously (by looking at another install)?

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