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  1. It was my brother's old laptop. I tried turning it on this morning, but it wouldn't boot. I suspect a motherboard problem(one green light came on for a few seconds then went off, no fans or anything). I am hoping to get it working as a headless ubuntu client, but i'm not sure how to get it booting again.
  2. the older laptop is an inspiron 1100 the new laptop is an e1705 the graphics card on the old laptop is a CGE ls-1451(not sure if this is the model number) the graphics card on the new laptop is an nvidia 7800go I read the last two links, but they don't make cards anymore that would fit out of the box in this laptop I'm not too sure what the 1st link is about Thanks for all the help.
  3. I have a dell laptop(e1705) with a semi-dead gfx card(works for a few minutes then dies). I have confirmed that it really is a hardware issue. I also have an old dell laptop with a gfx card that looks like it would fit into the same motherboard connection. The card has written on it "Daughter video card" written on it. Would it be possible to use this on the newer laptop? I think the old laptop was supposed to have been using integrated, and I'm not sure what is meant by a daughter graphics card. I did some google searches but didn't find anything. Any help is much appreciated.
  4. Hi, I am reinstalling vista today, and was wondering if it is possible to include software addons like it was for xp. For example, have firefox auto-install. Thanks
  5. In my current configuration I have 3 hard drives, one, a 20gig ide, will soon be removed from my system, and can be ignored. My other two drives are a 120gig ide, and a 500gig sata. My problem is that I was once running vista on the 120gig, I then installed it on the 500gig, without formatting. Now, I have removed all of my data from the 120gig, and I want to remove it from my system, but all of the boot files are on it, and not the sata drive. How can I make it so that I don't need my ide drive?
  6. but its a driver problem not an acpi problem.
  7. well, it gets to the point where it says something like "starting kernel" or "booting kernel" or something else, cant remember all of the distro's Ive tried, and it freezes.
  8. ok, I have another idea, can you help me get a hold of the ubuntu driver for ite8212 raid controller? That is the controller, and Im trying to install kubuntu.
  9. Is it possible to install linux from my hdd? It refuses to boot off of my dvd drive because it is connected to a raid controller, so booting off of the hard drive is really my only option.
  10. well its going to be difficult to get it from my grandparents house, and replace the batteries, and so on, so I would like to know the normal range of wireless mice.
  11. I have a mini-wireless mouse, and I am going to use it to control my laptop for my media system. Do you think it will have a 4-6foot range? I haven't used it much.

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