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  1. Guys, do anyone know if there was possible to recompile the TASKMGR.EXE I mean - the orginal is just 87k big with many BMP images inside as Resourcehacker revealed, so, it should be possible, right? I would like to be able to compile it myself, so I can tweak few things, like no request before killing the task and that it will run in high priority Anyone tried that? PS. please do not argue about legality of the sources, I honestly don't care - what M$ do is illegal as well
  2. As you can see, the special menu item "install new fonts" is not there... I probably just overoptimized something, from services to Autostart tool optimalizations. Anyone getting any clues where to look first? Thanks
  3. It is 100% repeatable issue there. Reinstalling, fresh windows and such was all tested before, no change. It looks like this: Since the thread was locked by Tarun with the suggestion to post it there, I doing it so. Unanswered reply from there: gamehead200 - No, I never update anything. Updating always bring me problems. This is the only site that does crashing in my IE6 that I would like to visit in IE. Do you really have the exact version of IE - 6.0.2600.0000 and did it really allow you to reply there?! I dubt that. Yes, from FireFox or Opera or Safari (yea, MacOS X) I can reply there w/o a glitch. Or using IE 6 but a little bit higher version. Version 6.0.2800.1106 suffice to not crash. If I can update to this just by copy a exe IE file and few DLL's, I would do it... But on other hand, there is a example of forum on SAME engine and quess what - it never crash for me in IE - ever: http://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=116484 Tarun - Well, it is not limited to my computer - we already determined that on every Win2k machine (regardless of SP) with the same IE it does crash. So it is not limited to me or my machine in any way, shape or form. If there is no error in the forums, then why other forums never crashed me ever - and even the ones based on the same BB engine?! And for long time and as you can read in my last but one post in the old thread ( http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=91854 ), I run Win2k SP4 and not modified now. Also, as I tried, it does not matter. Even fresh not optimized Win2k SP4 with installed IE6 will crash on this forum. I quess the majority of users just forget this address and not come back and I can't blame them. So, here I'm, reporting problem. - Viable solutions according to you is to upgrade on SP4 - last thing I wanted, but I had to for the USB stuff. Neverless no difference. - Getting updates is out of the question. - I tried w/o any modified DLL files I usualy using and TweakUI changes and stuff, but no difference. - Services is optimized (eg. only few is running, lol), but as you can see, all is working for me in IE properly. Even forums using the very same BB engine, as I show the link above. Yes, I posting there using IE. So I quess we should agree on that the services is not the problem. A possible problem might be my hosts file, where I very agresively blocking ad servers. However this is a windows thing and it does not explain why the FireFox and Opera on the same machine with the same hosts files blocks does work flawlessly. My hosts file are there to try - but I willing to bet that it does not make IE crashing on reply on this forum for anyone (8k): http://ax2.old-cans.com/hosts.zip ...because it was not in place in the fresh windows test and the crash still come. All in all I'm convinced that either this BB engine is old and buggy (compared to the one used for example on eMule forum) or modified in some way that crate this problem. Could be also that the IE6 version 6.0.2600.0000 is buggy and should be updated. This, however, does not explain why other sites and forums (even run on presumably same BB engine) does not and never ever crashed for me, but MSFN forum does.
  4. Guys, anyone know, if there should exist a plugin (no, not complete "suite of apps" and stuff, just plugin for IE to be placed into the plugins directory) that behave like Flashblock in IE? Recently I saw this page: http://www.getfoxie.com/feature/flashblock/ And they, as you can "test" for yourlself in IE, showing something like that, but when installed, there is no flashblock at all. At least using IE6 in Win2k SP4... So this one is probably just a scam (they are from Israel, so I somewhat don't wonder...), but maybe someone know about something that realy working? PS: one working one, but... nowhere as good, as flashblock... http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/tflash2.html And another one, by Macromedia? But 300k in size and not 6, like the above Turn Flash... http://www.flashswitch.com/ And another: http://www.spywarewarrior.com/uiuc/fixes.htm#flash-kill
  5. The above reg tweak for XP did not satisfy you?
  6. I do additional settings, but mine ram/computer is Prime stable, when the delay is higher, so... That it is. I just need to adjust the delay early in to bootup process - hence modification of the drivers is need... BTW, most modern chipsets has PCI locked up at 33Mhz, so...
  7. So, back to the topic - anyone is getting any idea, how to stop M$ Explorer from asking me about mpeg/avi videos what I want to do with them, when clicked on their direct link?
  8. It is still crashing for me, so problem did not seems like to disapear any time soon It is strange - a Microsoft Software Forum Network and it does not run well (frankly, it is useless because of the crashings) on early revision of most frequently used M$ browser?! Come on, guys!
  9. This is a advanced question of how to modify windows to not set the default 128 latency timer for SiS 730 chipset IDE access, but use 144 instead. Reason - overclocking the chipset (150Mhz) beyond specs (max 133) lower the PCI clock to 30Mhz and it is unable to run stable when on load with latency being only 128. 144 make it rock-stable. Partial solution - run Latency configurator - LtcyCfg.exe and at startup change the IDE latency to 144. (latency could/should be changed only for multiply of 8, so 128 + 2 x 8 (for safety not only 1 x 8) Results - machine is stable after the setting. Problems - booting is still not stable and sometimes just stop, even the machine booted up (with the latency 144 set for IDE) is rock stable. Bios solution? Not work. There is bios option in the advanced Honey X bios for the PC chips M810L board this thread is all about that set the PCI latency. However having set "PNP OS installed = Yes" you give the OS the power to override the settings at it seems fit - as drivers define? Setting it to No will insist on the bios settings, but then the machine not boot to windows at all. Futhermore changing the settings does only change the Ethernet latency time, and the Ethernet stuff is pretty happy with good fast latency 32 Setting the Ethernet latency to 160 (128 and then 160 are in the settings) did not help anything, of course. With PCI latency only 128 (hell, that is plenty, but still not enough there...) Prime 95 test always crash at this and always that fast: That is what the orginal latency settings look: Setting the IDE interface latency to 144 make the mainboard stable. It is working stable for 24h now So, who can tell me, what and where to change the PCI interface latency in Windows XP SP1.0a I use on this folding machine, so the latency 144 are there since the IDE driver does load? What informations are need from me to gain?
  10. Whoa Worked like a charm, thanks! (just with the 3rd line change... not need to use smaller compression, in just few min it was all over...) The resulting driver.cab is 50MB in size, smaller that the original, but let's hope the win during install did not mind.... Time to another slipstream try, right?
  11. Okay, thanks, but... it keep reporting that the directory D:\_drivercab already exist... ...and not it reporting that maximal recursion level was reached... That did not looking too good... After few moments it in one line reporting the dir already existing and on other line the maximal recorsion level reached... My makecab version is v5.00.2134.1, 81 168 bytes long. Time for update, or there is a error in the batch? I wonder if it come to some meaningfull end anyway... ...so after like 15 min it did not come to anything different, so I Ctrl + C stopped it... Any suggestions?
  12. Well, it was done on duron machine (check the elapsed time, lol) and yes, the driver.cab contain some files that are damaged, but they are probably not used at all, since my current install working stable too and it is the same as I used in the source dir... But I get these files now, so, I'm ready to give HFSLIP another run. Just now how to pack all the 3422 files into one single driver.cab file Makecab seems like to pack only one file, bur maybe I'm wrong... Any possible help with the winnt.sif file questions I have anyway? PS. Ah. cabarc n x.cab D:\files\*.* create a x.cab inside of these files directory, but it preserve the path... and the file is also 81MB big, not 52...
  13. Ooops, it was from SOURCE. Sorry, my bad. There we go again, not from the SOURCESS http://ax2.old-cans.com/hfslip_files.zip Good thing I still keep the CD, lol
  14. Super-Magician - Well, I installed with the source directory files and my HDD is not faulty, so there is no need to checking too much. All the files need for my machine must working well. But yes, I checked all the cab files and yes, I discovered that there is a nasty error in driver.cab file. ****. The error damaged only these files, tough: 3cisati.sys 3cpciadi.sys 3cwmcru.sys 40291730.ppd 40293930.ppd 4mmdat.sys 8514a.dll a_pnt518.ppd a1base.sys a1base.usa aap1200.gpd abp480n5.sys acpi.sys acpiec.sys acq32.dll adicsc.sys adicvls.sys adm8810.sys Obviously I did not need them. But I look out for fixing this problem and replacing these files with good versions. Let's hope my friend send me them, so I can replace it inside the cab file to got a good drivers.cab file The txt extension was my fault, indeed, but could it contribute to such great damage done to the whole install?! Really? It can explain install complain about the missing files, but can it explain the BSOD? Neverless I still not figured out many things in the winnt.sif file. First at all, do the display I defined correctly? [Display] BitsPerPel=4 Xresolution=800 YResolution=600 I copy it from some person, complaining that he still not get 1024x768x32 in VGA mode (!) ater install, lol. But I would ques that the first line should be BitsPerPixel... but maybe I'm wrong. Second, what are the correct timezone code for my GMT +1 (Prague) timezone??? TimeZone=35 ; United States - East Coast ;TimeZone=145 ; Russia - Moscow But for GMT +1 ...? And the keyboard settings - my primary keyboard should be czech and secondary the USA one. (USA international, IIRC...) How can I do it? In the sample file there: http://www.vorck.com/data/winnt.sif (when I save it as, the IE added the txt extension, so you see, this is where I get the extension...) are this: [RegionalSettings] ; ; United States - East Coast ; LanguageGroup=1 Language=00000409 ; ; Russia - Moscow ; ;LanguageGroup=5,1 ;SystemLocale=0419 ;UserLocale=0419 ;UserLocale_DefaultUser=0419 ;InputLocale=0409:00000409,0419:00000419 ;InputLocale_DefaultUser=0409:00000409,0419:00000419 ...so it seems that I need to know the LanguageGroup number for czech language (how to get it?) and the Language ID number. Obviously 409 is the US english international, but what is Czech one and how to arrange the numbers there - this is complete mystery for me ATM... Tomcat76 - very well, here you go, sir: http://ax2.old-cans.com/hfslip_files.zip (upload finction DOES NOT WORK for me, in FF v1.0 preview) Let's hope it is all my fault...
  15. Already tried that cache and shift or even Ctrl + F5 things. There is no way to my IE finish the loading. It never does. And even FF 1.0 preview seems to wairing for something there and never end the waiting... (PS. after reply it is working and the "Done" is shown there, instead of the neverending "Waiting for msfn.org..." ) It simply never stop and the fact the more recent versions of browsers ignore or get around the bug does not mean that there is no bug in the code, only on my machine

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