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  1. I have premium and flip 3d works with (win+tab)
  2. Thanks guys, you are lifesavers.
  3. citizeneman

    Xp woes

    Ok heres what happened, I have a hp pavilion and my hd dies in it, so i bought a new hd from a store(not from hp). So i install the new hd and format the drive,but now after I put my hp install disc in it does not reconise the system, so what should i do? buy a new copy of xp? thx in advance.
  4. Could someone please walk me through how to create a clean install dvd of vista for my hp? thanks.
  5. Are there any settings I can mess with to help speed up my broadband connection in vista? Or any apps you guys could recommend. Thanks.
  6. Mines pretty good except for graphics card which drags my score down.
  7. Thanks guys, im checking out Explorestart right now, hopefully it will solve my problem. Wish me luck Thanks again
  8. Ok, the problem I have been having for a long while is after browsing through a large amount of folders, the folders begin to open very slowly. Is there any hotfix known that could fix this? Thanks
  9. Dreamweaver MX & Dreamweaver MX 2004 both support windows 98
  10. What are some programs that speed up dial-up? I used to get 6kB constant but now all I can manage is like 4.5kB .
  11. Can you believe in places like Japan, EVERYONE has broadband and it costs about as much as our dial-up. Im gonna just get broadband on again for a month or two and download everything I need, just purchased like 300 dvd-r's. PS: has anyone tried that new Verizon dsl plan thats like $15 a month? any good?
  12. Nice, like a few months ago I was downloading something and my kB/s got up to 12kB/s , and it stayed like that for a few hours, I was so shocked I took a screenshot of it, ill try to find it lol.
  13. May I ask what download manager you are using? -------------------- as we speak -------------------- The painfull thing is that for 2-3 years I had broadband, so to go from 300kB/s to 5kB/s, it was a hard adjustment.
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