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  1. Hi. I've had a go at customizing my windows using sysprep and now I am having problems with my ports. At the screen where you enter your name I pressed Ctrl+Shit+F3, I've installed all the updates, Flash Player ect, no apps. When I had finished I created an XML file to copy profile to default profile captured image. On trying it out I installed my bit torrent program 'Vuze' but it is having problems connecting to the internet saying there is a problem with the ports. Anyone have any ideas please? Many Thanks Worf
  2. Hi all. Thank you for your replies. I have done it a different way with not getting the AutoUnattended.xml to work. What i did was to press Ctrl+shift+F3 on the screen that prompts for a user name which rebooted the pc and put me into Audit mode which worked great. Now, i have done everything that i wanted and am ready to sysprep it and make an install.wim image of my custome windows. What i need to do first though is to use copyprofile=true in an unattended.xml file to copy the profile over to the default profile. Has anyone got an .xml file that i can use for this please as i don't know if i
  3. 57 views and not one person can help or doesn't know? So much for helping......
  4. Hi. EDIT: I have tried this on my spare computer and it is not detecting the AutoUnattended.xml file on the dvd. I have removed the following line from the .xml file. cataloge:d:/source/install_Windows 7 ULTIMATE.clg" I have created and AutoUnattended.xml file listed below and created an ISO to test on VMWare. When the installation has finished and it boots up for the first time, i am asked to enter an Admin User name and Password even though i have'nt created one. Below is the .XML file. Also, what does this line mean & do? "catalog:d:/sources/install_Windows 7 ULTIMATE.clg" Is the 'd'
  5. Hi. Which is the best way to do this, should i delete windows default drivers first then intergrate my own or is it the other way round? Regards Worf.
  6. Thank you both for your replies. I will have a good look at them. Regards Worf
  7. Hi Tripredacus. Thank you for your reply. I am new to sysprep and if it does what i understand it does then it will be a better way of customizing my windows. Im i right in thinking that with sysprep i can do a fresh install of windows, import all my tweaks, install my applications (small ones) and get windows setup as i want it and then use sysprep to create a .wim image which i can then replace it with the default Install.wim so that when i use that i install it on any machine it will install with all the tweaks, application ect? I have found some tutorials on sysprep but in different ways,
  8. Hi. Are there any tutorials/guides on how to do a sysprep on windows 7 please?
  9. Hi. I want to intergrate my own drivers and was wondering which to do first, remove existing drivers first then intergrate my own or is it the other way round? Many thanks.
  10. Still getting the same error with the updates when selecting AMD64, IA64 just complains that my machine is not the right type. Please can you get this sorted please? Worf.
  11. Hi Ekttob. The updates i have are for the x64 version of Windows which is what i am using, also the updates weren't already intergrated as i have check using VMWare and when i checked for updates it gave a list so i know that they weren't already integrated. I have used these updates before when i was using RT7Lite and Windows 7 Tool kit so i know they do intergrate. Regards Worf
  12. Hi Kramer. Here is the link for what you want. Windows Updates Downloader Or you can download all the updates since SP1 from here Windows Hotfix repository These updates are from Solor who keeps this up to date with updates for x86 and x64 versions of windows. This will be your best option, Regards Worf
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