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  1. USB Drive "Optimize For Performance"?

    "Performance" means that the write cache has been turned on. Basically, it's a delayed write to the stick. If you yank the stick before the system has had a chance to flush the cache (write contents to the stick) whatever was in the cache will be lost. Other, unpredictable results are also possible, like corrupted data on the stick. Your mileage may vary.
  2. beware of dell laptops

    Next time you read something extraordinary, research it a little more. The internet is full of idiots and trolls. Don't be one of them. http://www.snopes.com/computer/internet/dellbug.asp
  3. Definately WPI. After the research and the initial learning curve it will become your friend.
  4. Worst OS Ever?

    No mention of OS/2, BeOS, CP/M and several others? The "ever" in the title may be superfluous.
  5. The following may be of help: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/scriptcen...04/hey0921.mspx http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/feature/15533.html
  6. Is this dell config worth?

    A question about a computer evolving to a b***h session by a disgruntled ex-employee? Next topic please...
  7. New LCD

    Another nod for the Samsung monitor. Although there are cheaper monitors out there like Acer and Viewsonic, I like the Samsung colour quality the best. It's only a personal thing of course, everyone has their own preference. I bought a Samsung 225BW which is 22" widescreen for $409 Canadian.
  8. how do you disable start menu fancyness !

    For someone who needs help your manners leave a lot to be desired. Besides... You weren't very clear as to what you wanted to accomplish. Ask a vague question, get a generic answer. Incidently, I do not volunteer answers to rude people.
  9. Stop services permanantely

    Hear, hear!
  10. DirectX 10 for XP

    [quote name='The Inquirer' So we are back at the beginning - you need to buy a new graphic card and a new OS to have the hardware DirectX 10 acceleration on an API that supports it. So, in order to get DX10 one will need at least a new video card, possibly new mobo and that opens a whole new can of worms and upgrades. DX10 may be very important to hard-core gamers, but what about the casual gamer who wants to play a game only occassionaly? Considering the draconian licensing restrictions on top of that, someone please remind me why I'd want to "upgrade" from XP?
  11. DirectX 10 for XP

    * Chuckle *
  12. This is a weird installation issue. If I install on VMWare virtual machine or a no-name desktop PC, the $Docs and $Progs directories are copied properly. When I use the same ISO to install on my DELL laptop or an old IBM PII desktop, neither of them is copied. The other directories, $$ and $1 are copied normally. Does anyone have an idea as to why this may be happening? I cannot figure out what changes the conditions of the installation. I even tried a plain-Jane installation, no drivers, programs, tweaks or anything else, same thing. My Brand Name computers do not like to copy $Docs and $Progs.
  13. microsoft zune

    I remember way back in time, when Microsoft Explorer bought/licensed the rights to Mosaic browser and they released IE 1.0. People, including me, were laughing at their "feeble" attempt to compete with Netscape. I don't know Zune's pros/cons or how it compares to the iPod, I own a cheap MP3 player. I just know that when Microsoft enters a field, they rarely fail. Is the Zune going to be the iPod killer or even a mediocre competitor? I have no clue. I do know though that were it possible to buy shares for that Microsoft division, I would trip over myself doing it.
  14. Autopartition doesn't even need to be there. Remove it altogether but add the following; [unattended] Repartition = "No" You should get options then. You said that everything else worked fine so I'm assuming that all other entries are correct for unattendend installation.