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  1. Just got a copy of Office 2007. the interface is neat and good. I like the new 'ribbon' concept. Inclusion of measurement smart tags is good, though at times these so called smart tags are more of irritant. But I am liking it for now.. :-)
  2. Yeah! that's my question. Why don't we install windows, required drivers and blah.. blah.. blah.. and then just zip (or rar or jar or whatever). Lets use a compression utility with command line option. Then boot the system using FreeDos or bootable win98 bootup disk. Unzip ((or unrar or unjar or unwhatever) to thier original locations. I suppose it should work. as all the files would be available wherever they need to be. that leaves us to only bother about the MBR and the kind. Hmmm.. once again, i dont think anything would be required to change or alter, unless, the reason for fresh install is a corrupt boot sector. Probably, we would need to boot the system with some non-Windows OS for zipping. Coz, possibly the Windows will not let you touch few files for zipping if you tried it from within windows. So, for the most, this method should work??
  3. Thanks Andromeda43, for your suggestions. OK guys, it was a defective BIOS i guess. I tried flashing it using the provided software from within windows and the system didnt boot thereafter. Finaly, i had to take it to the Asus authorized shop and asked him to 'reflash' the BIOS. He obliged and its working fine now.. thank you guys, for your time.
  4. Me to facing similar problem as PROBLEMCHYLD, Battery Repalacement of no use. tried all factory defaults, optimized defaults. no use.. anyone for our help??? my sys is AMD 3000+ 939pins A8N-E mobo nVidia 6600 LE PCI-x card 200 GB SATA Seagate 80 GB IDE Seagate 512 MB RAM

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