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  1. Thank You Very Much crahak for your reply Can you kindly reply what is the best language/database open source for mid size store like wholesales merchants. please reply which is EASY best language/database open source to develop in who has having 100-200 billing per day and 50-100 items types. i am asking because i like to be programmer so where to start from which language i can develop fastest application development what about EASIEST LANGUAGE TCL FOR THIS PURPOSE WITH PostgreSql. thank you.
  2. Dear Crahak Thank u very much for your kind and long informative article regarding s/w development. What is the best solutions to develop this such requirement in open source/free available tools what about JAVA WITH Postgressql. PLEASE GUIDE WITH KIND ATTN. THANKS AGAIN HAVE A NICE DAY
  3. Dear All Experts I like to know which is the best and easy programming language/database to learn which is free and can open source so can free to distribute after making it. i like to develope for big departmental store. thank you 4 your kind reply. PHP,PERL,JAVA,TCL===MYSQL,PORTGSQL ETC.
  4. Dear All I am having my laptop when i go at office there is WIFI for Internet Accesss and Ethernet LAN for our Accounting software then how to configure my laptop to work with both @ same time without confilct with ip. Maybe i am explaining my problem correctly. thank u for a good site TINKER.
  5. THANKS 4 REPLY But i have not get exactly how it work for me
  6. Dear Friends Can anybody tell me how to connect a laptop/desktop with wifi and same time with Ethernet card based local area network at the same time so can access internet with wifi and application from local network server/workgroup without disturbing/changing configuration again and again please tell me in detail where to put what with example like for LAN PUT IP AND FOR WIFI ...... ETC. or any helpful link to configure both for. THANK U VERY VERY MUCH FOR BE HERE MSFN ENJOY
  7. Please explain in detail how to restrict. How to restrict display C:\Documents and Settings in file explorer so that no one can see each user in file explorer. thank u for quick reply
  8. hi all of u i actually dont want to see mydocument mydesktop myfavorites etc by the user who is not having admin accounts in my computer by using explorer, in am using winxpsp2 . thank u
  9. Dear User i have another site for windows 98se updates and patches http://www.hpcfactor.com/support/patching/.../#W98SEPnUGuide if u like it go for more on http://www.hpcfactor.com/support/ MSFN Enjoy !!!!!!!
  10. Sorry i got it Installation Guide Prerequites: - Windows 98 SE English (4.10.2222A). - 32 MB of RAM minimum. - At least 40 MB free hard disk space. Installation order: *1- Install Windows 98 SE (with or without 98lite). *2- Install IE 6.0 SP1. 3- Install all newest drivers of your hardware. *4- Install DirectX (9.0c). *5- Install MS Office. *6- Install/Use 98lite to remove any features. 7- Close ALL open programs. 8- Install latest SE SP. *9- Install critical updates from WindowsUpdate. *10- Install MDGx's latest 98SE2ME. ========================/// *11- Install Maximum-Decim's latest Native USB Drivers./// ==================================== *12- Install Tihiy's latest Revolutions Pack. 13- Update or re-install drivers of your hardware, if you have any problem.
  11. Dear Maximus When i install 98se sp2.2 and then install USB2.2 AND then 98se2me the pen drive is not working after installing 98se2me. i have to reinstall it again with USB2.2 what is the best sequence to install it. thanks u. best of luck 4 u'r mission.
  12. Dear kelsenellenelvian Hi U can try http://www.litepc.com/ for all u like to do.
  13. Dear All Unofficial lover This is the best and free antivirus with updated from http://sourceforge.net/index.php u can use this interface from here http://www.clamwin.com/index.php?option=co...id=40&Itemid=25 that's all 4 now. Best wishesh 2 all 4 there project.
  14. Dear Excalibur007 It's BEAUTIFUL. that's all what i can say i have no word to appriciate this best wishesh. thanks
  15. Dear All NTFS LOVER Here is a tool u love verymuch http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/NtfsWindows98.html MSFN ENJOY !!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
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