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  1. Change original XP colours

    Hi Jedmeister, Thanks for that - I didn't know there were 2 extra official themes - where could I download them? Perhaps what I read included having to patch Uxtheme and I don't remember. Regards, Steve
  2. Change original XP colours

    Hi Everyone, I remember reading a few years ago about a tweak (maybe a registry tweak?) where it was possible to keep the original XP visual style but change the colours using the RGB. Can anyone help me to do this? I'd like to keep the XP style - but be able to change the 3 colours of blue green and silver. Regards, Steve
  3. Integrate an XP style/theme

    Is it possible to integrate a style directly into my XP copy? I don't change styles often so instead of loading styles after installation, it would be easier to integrate them with nlite (I mean styles, not a programme to load them). Regards, Steve
  4. Is it possible to integrate a Windows style into an unattended XP? I usually stay with a style and I don't need to change it so it would be easier to integrate a style instead of loading extra styles after I install XP. Regards, Steve
  5. How to make a dll file

    Hi Everybody, Thanks for all your replies, it's apprciated. Yes, it looks like I'll do the recource Hacker thing and replace all icons as required (I'll make a backup copy first!!!!). Benners: thanks for the tip about GConvert, I'll have a look. Thanks everyone!! Regards, Steve
  6. How to make a dll file

    I have lots of icons and I'd like to make a .dll file for them, similar to the moricons.dll file found in XP. I can make an .icl file but I'd prefer to do a .dll file. Perhaps I need special software. Any ideas? Regards, Steve
  7. Thanks for that, Colonel, much appreciated Regards, Steve
  8. Thanks for your help - that works!! Regards, Steve
  9. I'm new to Visual basic and going through a set of beginner tutorials. I've made a form with textboxes. Question: When I scroll through all the textboxes and return to the first one - how do I write the code to say "clear the box and make it empty" I think it's an If..else statement but after days of frustration and searching online, I still can't find the answer!! Regards, Steve
  10. Thanks VCC, I appreciate that - you made it very clear Regards Steve
  11. I'm new to VB and have a question. what is the difference between a panel and a form? I've done some database creation using M Access (I'm not an expert!!) and this has helped me to understand VB. Is a form in Vb the same as a form in access - or is a panel the same as a form in Access? It's probably an easy answer, but hey, I'm a beginner!! Many thanks for your help and advice. Steve
  12. Thanks for your answers. Emrod, what is the difference between slipstreaming and integrating? thanks, steve
  13. After I made an unattended copy, I had this thought: 1 Is it better to integrate all hotfixes into XP before burning and load "everything"or 2 Use the svcpack method and have hotfixes integrated when XP is being loaded into the computer? Any ideas? Thanks for your comments. Steve
  14. I like to try the batch scripting thing with an unattended cd. Is there a preferred order in which to write the various headings? (eg, unattended, guirunonce, data etc etc etc etc) - and is there a preferred order to write within these headings? Another question - where will I put the completed file? In $OEM$? Or do I put an instruction in the Winnt.sif file to start the batch file? I'm going to start with a very simple batch file - your help and advice is greatly appreciated. There are some excellent tutorials withing this site covering a variety of subject but I haven't been able to locate one for batch scripting/unattended. Any suggestions? Regards, Steve
  15. Sysprep.exe Utility

    Thanks for those answers, much appreciated - they have helped me to get a much better understanding of the setup process. Takeshi - what is HAL? Also, am I right is saying that the "factory.exe" would therefore be used by a company to install the extra software we find on computers? Steve