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  1. Do XP Post SP2 hotfixes work for 2K3 Server? If not, is there a similar package (similar to RVM INtegrator i mean) for 2K3 SPs and updates? I'm trying to use the Integrator purely to make an iso image file of 2k3 that i slipstreamed with SP2 and currently have on a folder on my disk but it keeps making a very small quick iso file that obviously isnt a valid iso image file (log excerpt below). Do i "need" to integrate a package in order for it to work? Thanks 16:49:05 - 16:49:05 - Creating ISO 16:49:05 - Command Line = C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c C:\DOCUME~1\IT-PI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\~RvmInt\mkisofs.exe -joliet-long -iso-level 2 -N -d -relaxed-filenames -duplicates-once -D -boot-load-seg 0x7C0 -boot-load-size 4 -o "D:\2K3SP2\2k3sp2.iso" -b rvmintegrator.img -hide rvmintegrator.img -hide boot.catalog -J -hide-joliet xpboot.img -hide-joliet boot.catalog -no-emul-boot -volid "2k3sp2" -sysid "Win32" "D:\2K3SP2" 16:49:05 - Using Internal mkisofs 2.01-bootcd.ru (i686-pc-mingw32) 16:49:05 - Warning: creating filesystem with (nonstandard) Joliet extensions 16:49:05 - but without (standard) Rock Ridge extensions. 16:49:05 - It is highly recommended to add Rock Ridge 16:49:05 - Size of boot image is 4 sectors -> No emulation 16:49:05 - Total translation table size: 2048 16:49:05 - Total rockridge attributes bytes: 0 16:49:05 - Total directory bytes: 68 16:49:05 - Path table size(bytes): 10 16:49:05 - 183 extents written (0 MB) 16:49:05 - ISO Complete
  2. [help] executing a program through cmd.exe ...

    you can just add a new file type for this. open up any explorer window and go to tools>folder options>file types and select a new file type and extension etc and point it at your flac.exe in your flac directory (by using the advanced tab) you can then add extra command lines that flac will understand (still using inverted commas if there's spaces in there) and you can also click what action - ie right click or double click or shift-click etc- activates this command
  3. Hook up vcr to laptop

    You need special hardware for this Your laptop will only provide output so you can display its contents on other devices. Youcan't, for example, use your laptop display like you would a monitor - eg plug the monitor into any RGB socket and it will show up As far as i know there is no interface to allow PAL or NTSC incoming to your laptop screen. If there is, though, i would imagine it would involve specific hardware installed (probably USB since its a laptop) and some kind of software to intercept the signals and display them (since the OS would be in control of the screen)
  4. I can install winxp sp1 but sp2 is not installable!

    It formats your drive? This is wrong for starters. Lets be clear here.You say that you install XP then install SP1 and its ok. But are you installing XP first?, then installing SP2 over it? Or are you using an XP CD with SP2 already on it? I'll assume you're using an XPCD with SP2 and doing a default install from the start Are you sure it hangs and is not just working hard in the background? Are there any drivers you can install at setup (press F6) for the disk drive? Do you have more than 1 graphics card? If you have onboard graphics and also, say, and AGP card, which one is the monitor plugged into? I had a situation where i had both onboard and AGP and had my AGP plugged into the monitor. It started off using the AGP and i could see the beginning of the install but during driver loading it defaulted back to the onboard and the screen just showed the windows logo. It actually had installed all the way up to the language prompts but i didn't know it til i switched the cables over Don't know if any of this helps....
  5. OPen with........

    Sounds like you maybe don't have the correct software installed for example, if i try to open a word file and don't have office installed, it will ask me what program to use to open the file Or if it's a PDF file and i dont have Adobe reader installed, it will ask what program to use Can you tell us what files you are trying to open?
  6. Can not view any Java in window XP Home edition

    Go here: http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp and download the offline installation method (second one down) Try this and let us know
  7. Best Place for pagefile

    Isn't that like a paroxysm or something? Oxymoron maybe? Using RAM to act as the pagefile? If i had 2GB RAM and used 1 of them as a RAM drive, then i'd only have 1GB physical RAM left so if i used that up i'd start having to use the pagefile.... on the other Gig of RAM.... So what would be quicker in this scenario? A RAM access or a pagefile read/write to RAM I'm guessing a RAM access since instead of being used for pure RAM it would get re-routed or at least recalcualted before being written as a page read/write..... I may, however, just be waffling EITHER way though, i'd love to play with this so can you tell me how to do it? Thanks
  8. XP Password

    Bad news all, Just done some checking and it appears that BAK is actually better known as Nerd-boy and is part of the notorious "Frankie Knuckles Gang" led by Dangerous Dave "D-Block" Derringer (the replacement for the late Frankie who died recently during his 25 years of bird for armed robbery) It seems (reading from the Herald Tribune) that a score went down at the local branch of the Nationwide and 25 XP pcs went missing. The robbers made a clean getaway in a large blu Transit van. A spokesmane for the bank said last week " These men are very dangerous but fortunately the customer's data is well protected as these PCs all have Windows XP on them and the robbers will not be able to log on since the usernames and passwords are not known to them". The spokesman added "We trust fully in the security provided by the Microsoft OS and would hate to think what could happen to the customer's money if they were given help to access these systems in any way. If this was the case then we would obviously actively pursue anyone who helped and view them as accessories after the fact" Hope no-one here helped these guys out?
  9. Multiple default gateways anyone?

    Yes i tried adding the routes s per MS SOP. I feel that is not the problem though...my routing knowledge is a bit iffy but here's what i have and what i need..... I have 10.x.x.x LAN IP from Corp DHCP server. This is set as Metric 20. All DNS lookups go through here when LAN and WLAN are enabled (since its the default gateway) 192.168.2.x WLAN IP from wireless route in office direct to internet. this is set to Metric 25 (while both are connected) While both LAN and WLAN are enabled, i use an automatic configuration script to get Internet access via proxies and content filters etc (eg cannot get to forums or warez or inappropriate material) If i want the juicy stuff, i disable my LAN and untick the automatic coinfiguration script checkbox (Tools internet options in IE) Hey presto i'm on unmonitored internet. this means though, that i'm not getting exchange mail and am not logegd into Messenger so the rest of the troops see i'm not there and since they cant IM me in an emergency they start to ask why I need: Basically it would be ideal if All traffic to 10.x.x.x addresse went via my 10.x.x.x LAN card and ALL DNS lookups, port 80 traffic and Internet explorer went via my broadband router (basically everything except MS Outlook and MSN messenger) whilst both connected Is there anything out there that can do this?
  10. [error] XP not recognizing 2nd IDE channel

    could be a couple of things..... jumper settings on the HDD? Possibly RAID settings in BIOS? Have you tried vanilla XP without SP2? I had a perfectly good new HDD in my PC not long ago and it (eventually) worked a treat then i put SP2 on and it stopped working. If i used SP2 slipstreamed it didn't work either. Took me ages to get it working but this sounds slightly different Can i ask what kind of motherboard is it? What HDD is it? And if you are getting into windows OK, what are you plugging into IDE 2? CD/DVD drive? another HDD? I'm thinking F6 during setup and having the correct motherboard RAID drivers (mine eventually started working when i slipstreamed RAID drivers into my install CD SP2 included) Also, if you use the secondary IDE port for your XP HDD, does the primary IDE then show the same error in windows?
  11. Norton Internet Security 2005

    Thanks Slimy, I used your link and downloaded the file I couldn't use another PC coz this laptop is both my work laptop and my home PC at the moment The only other PC in da house just now is the broken one which wont allow me to access the internet (thats yet another long story!!) Anyway - thanks again
  12. Norton Internet Security 2005

    THanks Kels - i have a slight problem though that i've been having for quite a while now.... on my laptop (that i'm using just now) i have this weird thing when i click on links to download files. My IE just goes blank except for a small white rectangle with a red square green circle and blue triangle in it (the default no image icon i think) THe full path appears in the address bar but it doesnt download. This particular link for NIS opens up a new window which is blank with the icon and doesnt download. If i right click and do save as it says no such interface supported (java i think) consequently i cant download this file at the moment
  13. Hi, I'm trying to fix my sister in law's PC but NIS2005 is set to child level and we don't know the supervisor password to allow config of the firewall rules etc which are blocking msn mail and a few other things Can't uninstall it or do anything at all unless we get or bypass the supervisor pasword Before you ask...... NIS2005 had a blank supervisor password until her daughter played about with it and now there are2 accounts and she cant remember what she set the admin password to pesky kids.....
  14. XP Password

    it depends whether its XP home or XP Pro If you forgot your own username and password login as administrator and use the control panels to find the user and change the password If you built the system yourself then i'm guessing you left the administrator account password blank (default) If, on the other hand (and this sounds a lot more likely) you're just trying to break into a windows PC which is annoying you because you dont have admin rights, or a recently "acquired" PC you'd like to log onto, then you should either contact the system owner or system administartor and ask them for increased privs otherwise why not just rebuild it? only takes a couple of hours ;-) And might i suggest maybe for someone with your propensity for forgetfullness that you should write down the username and password you create this time?
  15. XP Home edition> where's secpol.msc?

    Help!! I have an XP home installation (sister in law's sister's PC - long story) and i can't log on using the administrator account since its not showing up in the user control panel. I cant use the mmc snap in coz its XP home and i cant create an administrator account coz its already there - but i can't see it or change it or enable it or anything If i try to log on as administrator it says "can't log you on because of an account restriction - so obviously i try to use secpol.msc to see what restrictions are in place - but secpol.msc isnt there either WTF!!!??!?! How do i unhide the administrator account or re-enable it? And all this has come about becasue she installed Norton Internet security 2005 and then forgot the supervisor password so i cant uninstall that without the password and its set to super protective mode (child mode) so she cant use MSN etc - we're in a right pickle!!!! Any way of : 1) Getting round NIS Supervisor password or hacking or cracking it 2)enabling the administrator account 3) using tools i would normally use in XP Pro - but havent got in XP Home? Thanks