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  1. 58C Too Hot?

    thanks, i will try what you said and report back. first i will leave it in the bios for a whille then check the temp. then i will put the side back on then do the same thing.
  2. 58C Too Hot?

    Ok, forget to say somethings: when i boot into xp the temp is 46 and it rises up to 58 in about 10 min. i have arctic siver 5 on the cpu, so the thermal compound is good. the temp in the room that the pc is in is about 23C.
  3. 58C Too Hot?

    Yeah, decided to ask the pros... After about 10mins of running a few light apps my temp is 57-58 degrees celcius. My specs are: AMD XP 2700+ (using stock AMD heatsink/fan) ASRock K7S41GX 120gb 7200 Segate Hard drive 80gb 7200 WD Hard drive 2 80mm case fans (also the side of my case is always open) Any ideas on what I should do, Also note that I am very cheap so I can't spend a lot on a new heatsink/fan combo but if theres something out there that can help me and the price is good I wont ming buying it. Thanks a lot guys.
  4. Favorite NFL Team

  5. Quick Q

    Sorry guys but i got another question. This is for my brothers computer. He has integrated video and this is all i know about it: Video Memory = 64MB Share Memory Rending Ability = 2D Hardware Acceleration 3D Rendering Integrated AGP 4X So it doesnt have any AGP slots or anything. I have a PCI Radeon 7000 lying around and i could pop that in but would it be better than whats built in? Once again thanks a ton guys.
  6. Quick Q

    Ok, I get that but then whats the diffrence between a Athlon and a Duron, Are they the same or is one like a celeron.
  7. Quick Q

    Hi guys i just got a quick question. I got 2 cpus and i dont know which one better. One is a AMD Athlon XP 2000+ and the other one is a AMD Duron 2200 Pro. Im guessing the Duron is faster but the way AMD names these things is weird. Thanks for all your help guys.
  8. What game?

    well, what kind of games you like? sports, rpg, ect. ?
  9. help! [large problem]

    update: checked most of the stuff, put the drive in my computer, and it works fine. to me it looks like that computer needs a new motherboard, **** i just got him a new one last year
  10. Poll: WinXP Home vs Pro

    pro for me too
  11. help! [large problem]

    thanks for the info guys, im going to pull out and put back in all of those components, this place is the best
  12. help! [large problem]

    can anyone help? this is my brothers computer so if i cant fix this thing up, im gonna have to pull out MY wallet
  13. help! [large problem]

    also, if this helps, the computer doesnt beep like it normally would.
  14. help! [large problem]

    ok, i formatted the drive in my pc, so im pretty sure its good. i hope the motherboard isnt fried. im gonna check all the cables, my hards are so **** big, i probably kocked a wire loose or something.
  15. help! [large problem]

    also, i can hear everythign start up, i just dont get picture.