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  1. Thank you legolash! Of course, now I'm having other problems. When I go to install the printer, I get a "Printer driver was not installed. Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000057)." message. I don't know if I borked something up trying to install the wrong drivers earlier (has a PostScript for XP driver that I tried which obviously didn't work). If anyone has any bright ideas for that (seemingly unrelated) problem, let me know. I'm continuing to Google but not having much luck at this point. I really don't want to format again, but...
  2. Bump for a very useful thread that could be useful as a sticky... and cause I need a hand. I can't seem to change the permissions on the FileRepository folder. Every time I try to grant it "full access" I just get a bunch of "Access is denied" messages. I'm sure it's something painfully obvious that I'm missing at this early hour in the morning. If anyone has a thought, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. Yeah, why don't people read? If you read again, I didn't take out the printer support, I took out the Vista driver library, so thus the printer driver that was there is now gone and HP simply assumes (rightly so) that it's there. Just looking for a solution to that.nuhi: thanks for the link. I'll check that out.
  4. Hey all, In my latest vLite install I ripped out all the drivers save for the ones I used in my laptop. However, I did not include any printer drivers, figuring I'd just download them as I needed them. We've got HP Laserjet 4's here on campus and obvious Windows has no drivers for them. However, HP's site just says, "Drivers are in Windows..." and doesn't allow me to download anything. Is there a way to reinstall that printer? Can I rip it out of a cab file from my Vista disc? Am I SOL unless I make a new ISO and do a fresh install? Thanks!
  5. I did a Nlite ISO from my Dell SP1a disc and a Vlite from my Dell Vista RTM disc. Both worked just fine.
  6. Having just used nlite for my home desktop after using vlite for my laptop, I'd love to have vlite have all the setup features that nlite does. The ability to have all the start menu things work the way I want from the get go, and all those minor tweaks is simply awesome. Not sure if Vista changed things up enough so that those things are no longer possible, and no doubt you've got bigger fish to fry, but that's my vote!
  7. ok, just found in hunting that iTunes requires the SmartCard service, which I've removed. I don't suppose there's anyway to get that back short of making an new ISO and reinstalling eh? For those running into a similar problem, you can install iTunes 7.4.3 here: http://www.oldapps.com/download.php?oldapp...nesSetup743.exe I'm gonna do that as an interim fix until I've got time to redo the machine again (ugh), or if someone's got an idea on how to get that service back in (not holding me breath).
  8. Hey all, I just installed iTunes on my freshly nlited XP Pro SP2 + current updates. When I start the program, the hourglass comes up for a bit, then nothing. The harddrive cranks, the iTunes process is running, but then nothing. Both Wmasf.dll & Wmidx.dll are present in the system32 folder (per the thoughts in this thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...&hl=itunes). I'll be attaching my nlite config shortly. Can anyone see anything I shouldn't have taken out? I left most of the media stuff in tact. Media Player 9 starts just fine. Thanks much! EDIT: Config attached.
  9. Ah, ok, I figured it was something along those lines. Oh well. Maybe we'll get easy access to something once the SP gets a final release.
  10. There's an SP1 ISO out there? Is that available to the general public or only to people within a certain Microsoft program? You can then rip it in vlite? That'd be slick.
  11. I have to say, thanks to nuhi for this program. It's a dream to use. I just completed my first install with it and I LOVE it. Vista now runs better than XP ever did, even with all the graphical fluff turned on. Thanks so much! My computer thanks you too!
  12. Through the reverse integration? That sounds like an awful lot of work at this point, especially for someone as new to making these as I am. Maybe I'll get bored and brave in the near future though
  13. Ah, ok, so for now if you want SP1 on, don't use vlite to strip anything out? Will this be fixed once Microsoft releases an official disc with SP1 already on it and then you start with that and Vlite it?
  14. Hi all! I'm new to this whole game, but as I'm going to be formatting soon anyway I thought I might give this a shot. I just wanted to check with you guys. I've got the Public Beta of SP1 RC1 downloaded (the 436 MB file) and I've used it to update this machine already. I know that it's at the very least time consuming to get SP1 integrated into a vlite image at this point. My question is: you CAN still just install SP1 after the vlite install is done, right? It's not like the vlite install makes SP1 not install at all, right? I just want to make sure that will work-- the hour install doe
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