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  1. also this version will not work with Windows 95A OSR1 you have to make the modification I wrote above
  2. Windows 95A does not work simply because this version also has the file "FILEXFER.EXE" This is the solution I tested: Modify "FIX95CPU.BAT" Replace the following command line: IF EXIST %WINDIR%\FILEXFER.EXE GOTO OSR2 with this: IF EXIST %WINDIR%\WABMIG.EXE GOTO OSR2
  3. NoteBook Compaq EVO n1020v https://www.cnet.com/products/compaq-evo-notebook-n1020v-14-1-p4-win-xp-home-256-mb-ram-30-gb-hdd-series/ 3Com OfficeConnect XJACK PC Card | 3CRXJK10075 https://www.cnet.com/products/3com-officeconnect-xjack-pc-card-network-adapter/ Software: Atheros Driver and Client Applications (for W98/ME) https://anonfile.com/Nfe0hcmco8/Atheros_Driver_App_3.1.1.54_7z Odyssey Client Manager 4.56 https://anonfile.com/3ac7hcm1o2/Odyssey_Client_4.56_7z Perfectly working with WPA2 Wireless connection Windows 98 SE http://imgbox.com/S9oN2dT5 Windows ME http://imgbox.com/QUdE6HFv
  4. I try to integrate a language pack to boot.wim, I get the message that the wim is already "/prep" so changes are not allowed. Is this normal? Is their another way of integrating the language packs?
  5. I would like to highlight that this guide on changing the "setupldr.bin" file also works perfectly with the version of Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 (also x64) I personally tested the difference lies in the change of the "amd64" and "i386" Edit all AMD64 (only those with large characters) and only 2 "i386" (only those with small fonts), where it says after "\SETUPLDR" and "\ntdetect.com"
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