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  1. Why upgrade? Like eveyone said, you have all you need. If you don't mind the effort in transferring files and you don't have left over hardware, and you want the best, ummm.... I still don't see the point in upgrading. I still have an extra HD from the last upgrade..
  2. Verizon stuck in a bunch of fiber optic lines in my neighborhood. The are pushing something call FIOS which allows speed up to Up to 30 Mbps/5 Mbps. When I need that kind of speed, I will get it. My $6.95 montly dial-up is good enough for me.
  3. I use WinFax Pro by Symantec. It has an option to drag a document directly for faxing. Or if you have more than 1 document, then you do so by adding as attachments. The only thing I don't like about non-fax machines is dealing with the long distance calls. You need a phone card which allows you to dial direct without entering a code. I get around this by using 10-10-321 or 10-10-220.
  4. I thought this was normal. A cell is always highlighted, except as noted above. There should be no reason to un-highlight it unless going on to another cell. Also, you will notice, that if you save the document with a cell highlighted, the highlighted cell will re-appear when document is opened. At least in Quatro Pro.
  5. Any one like "I copy DVDs2" when it is legal, registered and free after rebates.
  6. When I formatted my external, the manual described the following: "Do not select FAT 32, as you cannot format the drive using the FAT 32 file system on Windows 2000 or XP". NTFS is recommended if not needed to used the drive on Windows 95 or ME. I guess FAT is O.K. though. ME can use any of the 3 formats.
  7. XP uses only the NTFS file system. If your ME HD was formatted in the FAT file system, this would explain your problems.
  8. If this doesn't work, well, hmmm......,try re-writting MS code.
  9. I'm curious. I got as far as [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\batfile] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\regfile], etc., but I didn't see the string "FriendlyTypeName"= What's the story on this?
  10. You can put the control panel in the task bar by going to settings and right clicking on control panel and open, then drag control panel to the taskbar. Does this help?
  11. I agree too. Just phishing, trying to get that goat to come out from behind the tree.
  12. Good point. I wonder why I keep getting attacked with the Bla Trojan horse on connects. Could Symantec have something to do with that since I have Symantec AV?
  13. I'm running Ghost 9.0 and schedule daily image backups. I've never had any problem. I've restored my entire hard drive twice from the recovery envirnment. Why can't Symantec help you on this?
  14. Another way is to post your e-mail address on some forum like google discussions. Do away with any spam filter. In a few weeks you'll start getting all the latest viruses. Let your AV program quarantine them.
  15. IntheWayBoy, you are obviously a boy as you admit, and I guess you haven't quite grasped that point, too bad. You'r last post was comprised of simple opinions. Stick to the facts.
  16. Its harder to get something to work then to create a virus to get something not to work. Like its easier to crash a car than to build it. In short, its a way for the almost could haves to deny their miserable puniness. Is there really money in it. No.
  17. Does anyone know what additional hardware resources are required for Vista?
  18. Redcloud


    I like creating my own icons. I have a cool computer.
  19. Hmm...... you may have a point. I have the bells and whistles and find them quite usefull. For example, I can download maps for my GPS directly onto my SD, or if I choose, directly to my unit. I don't think I'm stupid though, just like the bells and whistles.
  20. Business PCs have more bells and whistles. Need a SD, Flash Drive, Cruzer, or Memory Stick slot? Less apt to find those on a home computer.
  21. The British hate the Americans, the French hate the British, the Moracons hate the Spanish, the Chinese hate the Japanese, and the list goes on. That was a stupid article by some stupid British who hates the superior Americans.
  22. size=dont use such a big size! I AM NOT A NEWBIE, I'M A ONE STAR GENERAL!!!!!
  23. Zone Alarm Pro also de-activates the windows firewall. I 110% agree McCafe is total junk. Stay away from it like if you had it it would give you hearburn for 100 years. My experience with McCafe is beyond negative.
  24. O.K., I joined this forum back in May because of a boot up problem. It was caused by my not installing a 512 mb DRAM memory card properly (it wasn't fully seated). Unfortunantly, even with all the expertise in this forum, I resolved this by myself. I'm not in the computer business, I'm a Civil Engineer registered in 3 states. Sorry for my ignorance. My point was that the responce was crude and rude, and it was readily apparent that it was immature and from someone in the 25 yr. old range group. I've taken my punishment, this is my last post here.
  25. I don't know what your time is worth, but may be you will consider just buying the program.

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