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  1. Use Norton Ghost. Not familiar with the other 2. Is there a functional difference?
  2. Had the same problem with a dl file. Could not remove it from a directory which was in the start up menu and kept giving me dl error messages on boot up. Fortunantly, I am using Norton Ghost, and was able to delete it in the restore utility. Get the ghost for future security and restore.
  3. I'm not using the e-mail client mozilla supports. Oh well, back to the drawing board.
  4. Sorry, I was refwerring to Rainlender. I gues I could try Mozilla Sunbird.
  5. Its a nice program. The problem is I can't put it in the start up menu because of the dl file. I would like calender to come up with the system boot. Otherwise, I have to dig it out of a file directory to start. This is a feature I would like. How do I get the program to boot up?
  6. There are a gazillion basic calendar programs. I don't need or like Outlook, just want a good basic well designed calendar program. Any suggestions?
  7. Coke all the way. Pepsi is just some cheap imitation pretending to be even comparable to coke. Sorry, life is like that.
  8. I read this in the Washington Post. O.K., so I didn't check the Microsoft website. The post article describes Vista as replacing Internet Explorer to remove explotation by hackers, thugs, miscreants, and anybody else who is such a loser that they want to hack other's computers.
  9. XImage is also an extraction/transfer program for users of Garmin GPS devices which load images off and onto the GPS device.
  10. Vista is not the name for the Longhorn operating system. It is the name of the new Explorer browser Microsoft plans to release in the Beta version in August 2005.
  11. Redcloud


    Ciao now-o brown cow o!
  12. Fixed! Just needed to download some critical fixes from Windows Update.
  13. Using the start menu, XP won't shut down. I'm just getting an hourglass. Then using Ctr. Alt. Del., it will save settings, but won't shut off. What's the fix?
  14. I took a DVD +-R/W out of my old computer and put it into my new one, but left the drivers behind. I recorded a DVD on a Philips DVD player, but it wouldn't play on the newly installed DVD drive. Is this due to a particular Philips format, or in addition to needing a DVD writer, I also need a reader?
  15. I can't realy profess one AV over another, but I am definetly prejudiced against McCafee. My first McCafee product was some hideous program called "Guarddog" which gave me nothing but problems. Tech support takes you to China and/or India and the only thing they were interested was charging for Tech support, if you can understand what they say.
  16. If you have an intel processor, you can get detailed information about your processor from : http://support.intel.com/support/processors/tools/piu/
  17. I added a memory card recently, and about a week later my computer crashed on boot-up. I discovered that the card was not seated properly, and that took care of the problem. In the interm, it was suggested that I perform the windiag test Yet, as stated the ISO is not bootable, and I don't have the Ultimate Boot CD, don't have a bootsector extraction program. I would like to run the ram test for interest sake, and wish to obtain the utilities necessary to do so. Any suggestions

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