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  1. as posted before, download XPize 4.7 Beta 1 and choose only shell32.dll patching and after install run the XPize Force Reload tool and reboot, problem solved. Link is available in one of the other 2-3 topics Can't remember which one but I'm sure you can search for it
  2. http://rapidshare.com/files/43892578/XPize47bFull.exe.html ^ XPize 4.7 Beta 1 Install shell32.dll only then run Force Reload... just like I said in last topic and voilla
  3. Just tried this out but after patching my system files the "Restart" button in XPize doesn't seem to be working, can anyone else confirm this?
  4. The file in question is shell32.dll all i did was install XPize 4.7 Beta 2, then reboot, install XPize 4.7 beta 1 choosing ONLY shell32.dll patching, then ran the XPize Force Reload tool just to make sure the new resources were saved & then rebooted & now my shell32.dll is patched & I get no more nagging.
  5. I just installed Vista & Vize 0.4 yesterday so I'll try this out as well. Thanks very much XPero
  6. Thats a seriously lucky fit . I just bought a Scythe Infinty (Mugen) (also shame it came with a broken fan but i already ordered a Xilence 120mm fan to replace the stock one anyways) and didnt anticipate it's sheer size, I used to have a CNPS-9500 and I thought it was huge! Thankfully I have plenty of space due to the layout of my Antec Lanboy case but I also suffered a similar problem with my RAM slots, I moved my RAM to the upper slots on my DFI Lanparty nF3 Ultra-D just incase I suffered that problem and so far all running well . Congrats on your heatsink fitting
  7. Not sure if you can buy this on it's own without the SD Card included but OCZ made an adaptor for sd to usb http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/flas...al-memory_cards not sure if a cable exists to convert sd into usb though
  8. The only "bug" that springs to mind is the patching of 7-zip custom icons as all of the .dll files in the latest version are rolled into one new 7-zip.dll file i know this isn't "high priority" but it'd be very much appreciated if this could be fixed to save me having to manually reshack it on every new 7-zip release
  9. To sum up what Waywyrd has said: It's like a very limited but functional Windows XP which runs off a CD (so you can access your computer to say, backup files you need before a format or run chkdsk on a broken HDD) It's similar to the "Live" CDs you get with some Linux distro's to "try" them out but obviously BartPE creates a "mini-xp" so you can access your computer if corrupted, broken etc
  10. it was buggy on non english xp thats why it wasnt included
  11. for the MPC icon would always "Borrow" it from the K-Lite Codec Pack if the authors are willing to share
  12. XPero tried changing the .net icons in a poast version and said it wasn't working or was buggy (cant really remember but i know he tried it) and i agree with trying to change the Xear 3D icon and also the Mouse in mouse settings (although i dont use any of them they may be worthwhile to a user who has to)
  13. LClock doesnt change the Analogue clock in timedate.cpl (aka double click the clock in system tray and up pops a window, thats timedate.cpl) Here is the XPized timedate.cpl if anyone wants... just manually replace Click Click
  14. Sorry to bump again Xpero but found this one -> http://www.bamm.gabriana.com/ieskinxp.html Maybe this author will give you permission Edit: fixed typo & also this theme needs some XPizing of its own eg settings dialog and Classic button styles (not xp manifest style)

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