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  1. Hi I know what the image shows, but this is a problem for all known file types; Do you know any reason why there is no issue with the start menu right-click
  2. I am seemingly missing several important commands from the right-click menu of every file. This is only an issue with right-clicking files in the basic explorer/folder view. The image below shows what I mean, this is an issue with any recognised file type: Image however this is not an issue with right-clicking files via start menu, (all file types, not just shortcuts), as the image shows: Image Could someone upload the missing registry entries, please, copy it from their vista machines or is there any program or something on vista that can restore default context menu Thank you
  3. You could also close all the unwanted background task like mesenger (if you not chatting), or closing virus and spyware detectors if you are noton the internet. But Do not hibernate to speed up your windows boot time. It may speed up your boot time but you will find out that the computer will be slower than normal when working on programs. Try it
  4. I have tried all those ways but none of them work?
  5. I have broadband now and I have a Problem. Everytime I turn on the Computer and open internet explorer, the Dial up Connection box Appears and I always have to Click connect andussually it goes straight to veryfing Username And Password. Although it the computer connects to the internet I Still want to prevent it (Broadband is always ment to be connected.) Broadband service: WANADOO
  6. I don't have Systematc antivirus but I do have Mc afee virus, Also my copmuter has a HP Printer Installed and I close down all backround task before Shutdown. My computer is: Pentium 2 400 Mhz 128 Mb RAM 12Gb Hard drive DELL XPS R400
  7. I have a problem with Shutting Windows down. Sometimes when i atempt to Shutdown, when it gets to "Saving your settings" It freezes, the mouse moves but it just stays as "Saving your settings" It stays on that screen forever until you turn it of by pressing the on button of the computer. also sometimes my computer sometimes, when I press Shutdown the Computer doesn't say Logging off or Saving your settings, it Just restarts (It turns off and starts again) Please Help!!!
  8. When I was installing it on 93% there was an error reading the disc but i chose t o skip the file ,Then for a long time I wondered wheter it was that the on thurday I downloaded and installed this program which you could costomize windows with and I chose the welcome screen (The box was already ticked), and now it works, but the only problem is the program is only a trial and will delete in 30 days so I can't find a way to do it without the program. Switch user doesn't work instead a screen comes up saing the computer locked and you need to type in your password. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have uninstall netware, before i couldn't even choose the option (welcome screen) and checked nearly every where, which has any info on connections. HELP and the link sent by Kara or whoever doesn't work
  10. Yess there are passwords and 4 accounts
  11. The welcome screen does not appear on my computer even though I have turned on the welcome screen, instead it shows the classics veiw and the background is black, the computer has been upgraded form windows 98. Please help

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