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  1. A password wouldn't do much good either, the theif would have reformatted the hard drives and installed a stolen OS. If a thief tried that in my home, he would have had a German Shephard 2 ft. up the wazoo.
  2. Why would you not upgrade to SP2? Don't understand?
  3. Actually, what I didn't know what I was talking about is that I have an XP Pro computer. This includes card slots USB flash drives, cruizer, transflash, SD, memory sticks, and wifi cards reader/writer. Included is network slot in addition to the USB slots. Translation - i can figure who has the immature brain syndrones.
  4. As soon as Longhorn comes out, there will be no problem choosing anti-virus software.
  5. Actually, XP Professional is not suited for 25 yr. old techies. Science has proven immature brain syndrone. Better stick with XP home for video games.
  6. Business type PCs are better for networking. For instance, XP Professional vx XP Home.
  7. XP Professional is better suited for computers with network connections since these computers provide network jacks. Also, XP Professional computers usually have available extra usb drives such as SD cards, flash disks, etc. The disadvantage with XP Professional is that some programs such as image viewing are lost and replaced with basic viewer. Otherwise, either is O.K.
  8. I use it to look at my bmp images. I use another program to create bmp images called Pint Express. I tried other bmp image creation programs, but Paint Epress creates higher quality images that I can download to my Garmin GPS unit. Paint Epress created itself as the default bmp viewer, but I reverted the default back to Paint so that I can just view the images without having to go into the edit or creat mode. I'm happy with that.
  9. Sounds like something is corrupting the install. If it isn't too much trouble, try deleting all programs, backup all data files, reinstall the upgrade, then re-install Windows the programs.
  10. Thanks. In my case it was settings - folder options - file types - change
  11. It seems that there is a much simpler way to do this. You could go to settings - folder options - reset. I believe Windows places Media Player as a default setting. The reason I'm putting in my I don't know what I'm talking about, I recently installed a bitmap editor that reset my default setting from Windows image viewer to the editor so when I open the image it loads the bitmap editor program to view. There seems to be a much easier way to change the file association.
  12. Similar problem - I have a program icon in the Notification area of toolbar. This is the only location which launches the program. If I exit (close the icon) and attempt to start the program via a desktop short cut it recreates the toolbar icon. How do I get the desktop to work without routing it to the toolbar ?
  13. PowerSpec. For the price and quality.
  14. Its called gStart. Works with some Garmin products.
  15. I didn't want to start a new catogory, so I'm borrowing this one to post my question since it is probably similar. I have a program that will only start when clicking in the notification area of the taskbar. Going into the directory and double clicking does nothing. What must be done to get explorer to recognize the program?
  16. Did you say Alias or Aliens? I think I prefer the aliens.
  17. Could you possibly have spyware. Some spyware is embedded in the browswer. This could explain re-directed address bar searches, etc.
  18. I checked out the site. Looks like it starts out at $80 for the standard version. I am very interested to know if this worked for you in recovering your word document and how you would rate the product? Of course, if you were using Norton Ghost, it would not be a problem.
  19. My only suggestion is that you turn on "reviel codes" and delete the extraneous items until the issue is resolved.
  20. I think this issue has been resolved.
  21. The VirtPart.dat file is located at the root of the boot partition which is information that Ghost places into the Virtual Boot Partition. Probably a bad idea to get rid of it.
  22. This may be somewhat unrelated, but on occasion, I get an alert " Windows Messanger is trying to monitor your keyboard and mouse movements". Noticed this with the new version of ZA Pro. What's going on? Need to mention that Messanger is not even open.

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