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  1. Hi! Just a little tweack for your bat files If you want them to run no matter the location of bdaforserver folder ! -> So NO NEED FOR add after and replace with (also add quotes " at the end of the line)For example Good luck with your work !
  2. You're wrong your Card it's working because it's a CX2388x card and it's using DScaler's own drivers (NO WDM drivers ?!) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any CX2388x & SAA713x Cards it will work with DScaler 4.1.17 on a tipical (out of the box) install of Windows Server 2008 Standard Trial x86 & x64 + drivers !!! All you have to do it's to say yes when DScaler it's asking you if it should use his own drivers instead of typical (WDM?!) drivers ! The Proof is the fact that your app (WinTV software) it's not working!!!!
  3. I'm glad it's solved ! If you "really like to get into this from" a MUST READ before anything else it's this ! B)
  4. Try this but don't use the setup.exe try "to update manually" (adding 915 to inf file) or try to use latest xp drivers also with "manually update"
  5. Just Right click on Vista.bat and select Run as Administrator ! (= sudo B) ) Or to enable the built-in ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT right click on computer select "manage" then select "Local Users and Groups" then "Users" double click "Administrator" or right click on it and select "Properties" then uncheck "Account is disabled" And now you can log off and log in as "built-in ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT" (= root )
  6. You need to run Vista.bat as administrator ! B) Please use the built-in ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT ! (Linux root account ) to avoid any problems !
  7. It's E:\Vista not E:\ Vista There is no space between E:\ and Vista Where E:\Vista it's the path to your vista files (I hope ) Sorry! It was my fault, when i've modified the code above i've typed a space by mistake
  8. Ok! So you're gone do this on your girlfriend computer where as i understend you have installed WAIK and all the files from vista's DVD it's on E:\ Vista ! Right ? Also, it's vista x86 ? Well if all of above are correct then all you have to do it's to copy the code below to notepad and then save that notepad as Vista.bat anywhere you like and execute it ! B) "%PROGRAMFILES%\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\oscdimg.exe" /b"%PROGRAMFILES%\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\x86\boot\etfsboot.com" /h /lLRMCFRE_EN_DVD /o /u2 E:\Vista C:\Image.iso Then transfer Image.iso to yor linux and burn it! Let me know if you succeed !
  9. OK ! but just to be clear please tell me: 1 - on which OS / computer are you planning to create and burn the ISO file ? linux or windows? 2 - when you're saying "Vista's files" you mean the files from vista's dvd or the files from C:\ drive of your girlfriend's computer ?
  10. Run this cmd "%PROGRAMFILES%\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\oscdimg.exe" /b"%PROGRAMFILES%\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\x86\boot\etfsboot.com" /h /lLRMCFRE_EN_DVD /o /u2 C:\LRMCFRE_EN_DVD C:\Image.iso if you have WAIK or replace oscdimg.exe with CDIMAGE.EXE and use the etfsboot.com from your vistaDVDx86\boot\ folder For more look here
  11. Try a USB hub or 1 USB + 1 com and this software
  12. Maybe a little guide it will be useful for others ?
  13. Since the settings in bios are on hd audio , it's your front audio panel HD audio ?
  14. Are you sure about shrinking ? I've watch my page file and i never seen it shrinking

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