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  1. i like that scubasteve , what font is that your using
  2. thx bbg the links worked used nlite made a new install cd & it dont show up on windows update page any of the 8 updates
  3. i used your preset didnt have any probs installing windows also integrated 34 hotfixes including KB889527 which was released on august 4th no errors here
  4. very slick setups thx for making these & sharing them
  5. happy late b-day ryan my b-days december 21st
  6. im buying a comp in jan of next year will have about $800 only because im saving up only thing im gonna buy is a new mobo dont care if its amd or intel im not picky same goes for proc , atleast 1gb of ram , video card atleast 256mb & a new tower thats the only thing im picky about
  7. cable tv of east alabama is my isp only cable provider in my area then we have bellsouth for dsl
  8. ill go with 120 also much more to offer
  9. thx carmon btw what font is that ? wanting to make a oem logo using that font
  10. pretty slick Lost Soul can u make 1 in blue anyway it looks sweet
  11. im going with vmware took me only 10mins to install a virtual os now virtual pc took me 30 mins
  12. this is easy & to the person who posted the new wmp files thx
  13. im using 5.08e which i uncheck to acess the net & dont get hounded by nis asking for access while 5.09 asks for permission now if i can slipstream winamp into windows that would be great
  14. i got mine down to 115mb & i used ryans light pack with no errors installing windows or any errors installing apps my goal is to get it down to 100mb now thats a fat free xp
  15. i joined but got an email about a month ago saying they have me on file for the next 6 months & if something comes up they will email me pfft sounds like i got denied
  16. i perfer firefox so i voted for firefox but currently im on ie yuck redoing my comp over ripping over 300 audio cds & dvds takes time.. hd crashed on me
  17. anybody have the safepro reg & defaultpro reg that will auto change when u hit it i need it real bad my hd crashed on me and lost over 220gb of data & blkvipers site seems down thx in advance
  18. i also wanna know how to slipstream the updates
  19. im 27 & feel like im 60 **** im getting to old
  20. i would also say Alcohol 120% i rip all my apps & games with it very easy & understanding program
  21. i like both your setups Dagonet' but i like the bottom wall the most care to share where u got it from ?

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