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  1. Sounds great Ben - any ETA on the next release?
  2. Jinje, thanks for doing the leg work on that. Like I said, I assumed it was a waste of effort simply because the iso sizes were always the same. Now I guess we just have to work on getting it to not look that way.
  3. Same here as well. Because of this I didn't even bother to try installing it on my VM.
  4. First of all I'm not even sure if I'm posting in the correct forum, but I've done a ton of searching and this one seems to be the most related to what I'm trying to do. In XP, to install a registry tweak file during setup (before first logon), I would use the $OEM$ folder. In that folder I would have 2 files: regtweak.reg & cmdlines.txt Inside cmdlines.txt would be written: [COMMANDS] "REGEDIT /S regtweak.reg" I understand the basic concept of the new system in Vista, with autoattend.xml, but I don't quite grasp how to set things up in order the accomplish the same goal. I have no interest at this point in going through setup completely unattended, so using the autoattend file to apply the registry tweaks is my only aim. Is this the easiest way to do things (or even possible?) If so, what would the autoattend.xml file look like, and exactly where would I place my regtweak.reg file on the DVD directory (or would it be placed on a USB memory stick / etc., with the autoattend file?) Once again I apologize if this has already been answered but I've done quite a bit of reading on this and I seem to be getting more confused as I go on
  5. Is it possible to slipstream the updates and new definitions to installation CDs of Norton/Symantec products? Specifically, I would like to update my Norton Internet Security 2005 CD, so I don't need to update and restart my computer so many times after installing it the first time. Thanks in advance, sn0
  6. Looks good, MCT! I found the program, and after a break for some much-needed pizza, ,I'm going to give it a try. As an added question, I'm using a hacked uxtheme.dl_ file on my unattended cd to allow a theme to be automatically installed. Are there any other hacked files I would need to add in order for the new icon files to install without any errors? For example, would I need to start off with a modified version of the files you suggested, or just use my own? Do you think I would have any Windows File Protection errors? Thanks again.
  7. I have an unattended XP SP2 disc which works great, for all the basic stuff. Now I'm getting started on custom themes and cosmetic tweaks for the new disc. What I'm wondering is if there is a way to replace the default icon scheme in an unattended XP installation. I'd like to have the Windows XP default icons replaced by the icons that can be found in the Longhorn Transformation Pack, or in the Longhorn Icons Set v1.1. I'd rather replace the Windows icon set outright, instead of using some other program to change all the icons once windows is installed. I was thinking maybe there is a way to find the icon files on the unattended cd and simply replace them with the new icon files, but obviously I don't know how to do that. If anyone has an idea on how this can be done, or is able to tell me if it can be done at all, it would be much appreciated.