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  1. thank you very much prior builds to 1.04 kept giving me problems i was finaly able to remove mspaint & few other things only problem when removing music samples & pics it left the folders other then that im very pleased
  2. d0p3y2k4

    Windows 7 Ultimate N

    i get the same error & i use vlite 1.2 & try removing mspaint
  3. d0p3y2k4

    stefanRTR's Win Integrator

    i get this error when trying to remove dvd maker Win Integrator Version= failed to load registry key --- EXCEPTION #1/1 [Win32Exception] Message = “failed to load registry key” ExceptionPath = Root NativeErrorCode = -2145452027 ClassName = System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception HResult = -2147467259 Source = stefanRTR.Base StackTraceString = “ at SZ7a5ctv4NXeS77YHn.Xou3JvUnUgfQbNt8Lf.GqpcQgjrp(String ) at stefanRTR.WimImage.SevenImage.78tgITEZRg1FR1ZlxM.Jnqc0l5ML() at stefanRTR.ErrorHandling.Catch(String comment, Action action) ”
  4. d0p3y2k4

    Win Integrator Alpha

    can somebody tell me if removing these 3 ie8 , wmp & ms paint will it break windows features ? also if they dont break it whats ms paint called so i can remove it
  5. d0p3y2k4

    [Old Guide] Services and components

    i remove some of the items u listed as red & i never have any problems
  6. d0p3y2k4

    vLite v1.2 Final - RapidCatched

    thx nuhi keep up the good work
  7. d0p3y2k4

    Vlited Vista won't install KB952709 update

    some people get errors some don't i did'nt get any errors on my vlite
  8. d0p3y2k4

    Vista X64 SP1 post install issues

    those slipstream fine for me , just make sure you slipstream these before you plan on removing anything
  9. d0p3y2k4

    What Not To Remove For Some Programs

    paint.net uses net. framework so if you remove it you wont be able to run paint.net
  10. d0p3y2k4

    vLite v1.1.6 Final - IronSoft

    the -extreme worked wonders
  11. d0p3y2k4

    Vista TCPIP.SYS patch thread

    same here would like to see this also in vlite everytime i run torrents my connection gets dropped , when i was using xp with the cracked tcpip my connection was fine
  12. d0p3y2k4

    vLite 1.1 beta 2 - Purple pill

    ok i do not know if this has been asked before but everytime i do a new vlite with a new version of vlite & i remove internet explorer it still shows up in windows update with the following update Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Vista (KB939653) anyway to remove this update from showing & yes i used vlite 1.1 beta 2 & it shows up
  13. d0p3y2k4

    vLite 1.1 beta 2 - Purple pill

    thx nuhi finaly i can update my system keep the good work going
  14. d0p3y2k4

    vLite 1.1 beta - vBloat

    ok thx for the tip nuhi
  15. d0p3y2k4

    vLite 1.1 beta - vBloat

    thank you nuhi now i just need to find a list of vista updates & download them all , will wait till tomorrow when the updates are out