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  1. LZ-DOS command.com is PC-DOS 7.10.129. See eg http://reboot.pro/topic/14520-lz-dos/?hl=lzdos#entry129058 I used to run PC-DOS command.com under Win95 at work, because it loaded rexx scripts. 7,1 does the same thing under Windows OS/R 2-4
  2. I have been playing around with a dual-boot msdos 6.3 + 7.1 boot system. to help with a help file. There are things to do with these DOS versions yet, but the help-system from 6.22 has been updated to include most of msdos 5.x to 7.x, as well as interesting info on pcdos, versions of programs like emm386 and msd, which shipped with dos, and even basica / gwbasic, etc. http://www.os2fan2.com/files/dos7help.zip is the source. The version of qbasic has a number of known patches applied, inc;luding the *.* and phatcode patches. dos6.com is help.com, renamed so not to overwrite help, and so it's accessable from 4dos as well. qbed.com is edit.com renamed to not overwrite edit.com. The help and ini file are qbed.hlp and qbed.ini, for similar reasons. W
  3. It's still 4.52 under the hood, but they allow gif files for icons. I hated this, and reverted the icons back to OS/2 3.x. It does not like using any of the VPC stuff under Windows, but the work-around is to share a second disk with two VMs (OS/2 eComStation and acroOS. It comes with a mob of jpg backgrounds, which look nice, but these are replicated some five times for different resolutions. The cracks between 4.52 and the new OS are more visible, as they move more stuff from IBM's installers to new ones. You can download a lot of stuff from the internet, like linux packages.
  4. You could use REXX. It is pretty good at big numbers. You can even farm stuff out to even faster programs in line with rexx. /* A 240-digit rexx calculator */ numeric digits 240 parse arg chalk interpret 'cheese = ' chalk say cheese exit cube: procedure; parse arg x return x*x*x factor: procedure; parse arg x 'factor' x return x This program is a rexx program that finds allows all internal commands, along with CUBE(). If you put factor(2000**3-1) in there, it will print the factors of the evaluated expression and continue calculating. Note this uses an external command 'factor'. I use the Shamus Software demonstration program here. I've written rexx scripts to calculate very large numbers, up to ninety digits, and feed the result into factor.
  5. The donation by paypal of 20$ on 8 may is from os2fan2, on a different paypal account.
  6. I had fun trying to install windows 7 (32 bit) on a skylake cpu. It says it's an "Intel Core i5 Quad 6600K (Skylake) 3.50GHz [R0]". The usb did not work, but i used a ps2 keyboard to install it. Then to get the usb to work, i had to install the driver from the mobo cdrom. But this required a mouse. I browsed the cdrom for a likely suspect and installed that, after that, it worked a treat. I've even got the five gig ramdrive working.
  7. I built a number of sp6a integrations into NT4, including some thing along the line of hacking registry, but some things still puzzle me. At one point i want to do a pure microsoft thing, but elsewhere i want to include some third-party stuff. The various fdv tapes i am using as reference are missing things i wish to include. At the moment i'm working on the win98 disk, having nearly got msdos 6.30 in the bag. nt 3.51 is the warmup to nt 4.0.
  8. There's a lot of DOS proggies that can not handle a very large directory listing, like 4DOS. It's something i just avoided doing. Even installing Windows with lots of files can make DOS choke. Did you try running a cache program, like smartdrv. This can help, or running DOSSHELL in Windows.
  9. It is quite likely that dosshell chokes on the number of directories and folders it has to show. It's quite common. There are other things you can make it better. You could run the thing in TEXT mode, and avoid drives and directories with too many items.
  10. You can put cc-Cleaner as a menu item on the rubbish bin. This would make room for something more useful, such as 4os2.
  11. Runs on windows 7 too. No need to wait for vista 4.0 (windows 10)
  12. You really need to modify setup.hiv as through my batch file. This is because the full disk needs to be seen by setup, and setup.hiv is the registry here. setup.hiv is the first half of the system hive. Because this represents an inactive windows setup, CurrentControlSet does not exist, and you have to modify ControlSet000 instead. This is what my batch file does. If ye plan to install other drivers, you should use the same controlset000. You don't need to insert any LBA fix into the hive*.inf files, as it is done already in the setup.hiv
  13. I noticed that Microsoft had reinstalled GXP twice since i deleted the original files manually. There has been a number of other memory hogs around too, like their software scanning stuff (compatlogger or something). I found that in procexp, and had to use runasti to get rid of it. The latest version of GXP control panel runs as a service, and does make all of these things that never10 does, and a few more (like actually deleting the apps, which you need to do as a trusted installer.
  14. One has to remember that SxS is a cure for DLL-HELL. DLL Hell arises because Microsoft could not keep a contract. In essence, if you release something like VBRUN100.DLL as a library for VBASIC apps, then any version of VBRUN100 is meant to keep the same published APIs. That's the whole point of it. People write proggies to run expecting VBRUN100 to run. You can, of course end up with the maze of MFC30, where the source code was released for the DLLs, and the individual programmers fixed the code and recompiled DLL files. THREED.VXD is yet another multi-version thing that had to be in Windows directories, but there were just too many of them. The cure for DLL hell was to create a 'virtually in windows' structure, where the individual assembly directory pretends to be in the windows directory for the process that invokes it. This is SxS. Of course, you get programs where refreshes are recompiled in different versions of the same thing, so the implementation of SxS has just made the problem worse.
  15. One might suspect that GWX free update virus is the next service pack for 7, 8, and 8.1. The sad thing is that outside in the real world, downloading three DVDs over ADSL to update three different computers is quite a pain, and actually costs more money than buying one CD-ROM and uploading the stuff locally, even if it has to be validated. From what i have seen of GWX, it seems that they imported people who were more apt at writing virus search engines etc, rather than serious serch packs for Windows.
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