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  1. Hi, I currently use Thunderbird on a desk top with Vista. I get a weekly newsletter and about 4 weeks ago I started getting this message when I tried to open these emails : "Thunderbird and files.constantconnect.com cannot communicate security because they have no common encryption algorithms." Since I did not make any changes to my settings, then obviously something changed with the sender or the sender's email server. Any idea of how to fix this ? Thanks.
  2. HI, How do you bring up a full list of files as could be done with previous versions ?
  3. Pressing Num Lock is not a solution.
  4. What's the easiest way to get the keys on the right side of the keyboard to work, like Page Up, Page Down, Home and End ?
  5. I have "photos.google.com". Unlike other products, it doesn't show the URL assigned to a picture. They seem to disguise the URL. Anyway known to actually see the URL in order to include it in a web site ? Thanks !!
  6. I recently bought an HP Envy 7640. Everything works fine except the scanner. There seems to be something I need to do other than the initial set up. Can anyone provide any guidance ?
  7. Having heard no response, does that mean I'm one of the few users that have this problem ?
  8. I'm now up to 47 updates. Even the small ones never seem to end. Perhaps there's another "key" update, like "KB3139852", that will solve the problem again ?
  9. Could you tell me what you mean by "install folder" ? Are you also saying that all current emails remain when you download a new version, including ones in folders that you created ?
  10. Hi, I have an old version of Mozilla Thunderbird, version I'd like to download the latest version but I can't seem to find any reliable information on what happens to my current version if I download the newest version. I'm on Vista and I've read the requirements to download the latest version. What I don't know is : (1) Will the download totally replace my current version ? (2) Do I have to save my current emails so I can move them to the new version ? (3) Are there any pitfalls to watch out for ? (4) Are there any detailed instructions on-line as to the procedure to replace an older version ? If anyone has downloaded a new version to Thunderbird to replace their current version, I'd greatly appreciate any information you could provide. THANKS
  11. Is "PC Cleaner Pro" a reliable and worthwhile product ?
  12. So I requested the Hotfix and tried it. It didn't work at all. I downloaded it again two more times over a few days to make sure I was getting the correct fix. Once again those they didn't work to fix the problem. They both seem to be some kind of "Zip" or "Unzip" program. So I'm back where I started. The Hotfix from Microsoft is bogus. If anyone has figured out how to fix this without Hotfix 980382 PLEASE let me know.
  13. Hi, I currently have Office Suite 2007. I'm interested in installing a new version. Since I'm on Vista I want to make sure of compatibility. I also want to install a version that's a free upgrade AND keeps all files in my documents files. Can someone directly me to a good tutorial ? THANKS
  14. After I was able to successfully load KB3139852, everything started working as normal. Unfortunately, it has started again !!!! Waiting over an hour for a small update to load, then giving up. This batch of KB updates contains : 3145739, 3144706, 3146963, 3149090, 3147071, 3148851. If you're also having this problem again and have figured out a solution let me know.
  15. My Windows Update Home Page states : "Your receive updates : For Windows and other products from Microsoft Update". I believe this means that I should be receiving updates to Office 2007. Microsoft, according to the documentation, is suppose to know what applications you have. Don't know how they do that !! However, it seems they've currently no longer know that I have Office 2007 ? Since I was getting these updates last year I don't know what could have happened. I also don't know how to contact them to inform them that I need updates to Office 2007. There doesn't seem to be any "check list" of updates that can be changed. If there's a way to tell them ??
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