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  1. Back

    Back from my 3 year leave of absents from the site as well as from the forums. Missed this place.
  2. The Ultimate Steal

    Its apparently coming back this fall but I figured someone might know what they are doing this year. The Ultimate Steal - Information From MS
  3. The Ultimate Steal

    Last year Microsoft did a campaign for Office 2007. I think it was $59.99 USD and for college students only. On their website, from last year, it notes it returning on August 20th. Any one know what the Ultimate Steal will be this year, or is it going to the same as last year's? The Ultimate Steal
  4. If its legit, why wouldn't the software be registerable?
  5. oobe skip problem solved

  6. oobe skip problem solved

    You might be deleting a file(s) that OOBE needs to run on. If you nlite out the internet explorer core, OOBE won't work.
  7. Would Windows Home Server do it?
  8. What is OOBE?

    Out Of Box Experience, the first time you start Windows XP, its the thing that sets up the internet, user accounts, and activates Windows. Wikipedia: OOBE
  9. Could I use the router as the DCHP and still do what I want?
  10. Assumming I did it though XP, would i be able to turn off the DHCP in the router and manually be able to give all the computers in the network an assigned IP in the subnet 192.168.0.x? Also, would I still be able to use the 'Server' to printer from over the network?
  11. it does but i would rather be able to determine what websites are blocked and what shouldn't. In the Netgear router I own, in order to block a website i have to block the keyword. It doesn't support block a specific URL. What OSs are NAT supported?
  12. Could I set up a PC with dual rj 45 to be a firewall then send the internet to the wifi router?
  13. LabelFlash

    Thank you
  14. LabelFlash

    I just bought a laptop and the drive supports LabelFlash, yet it came with one DVD but I haven't seen yet heard of this technology till now. A little google help explained how it works and that stuff but nothing on where to buy the media in the States. Does anyone know of a place too buy the media? I searched newegg only to come empty handed. Even though its a new technology (well kinda, based off the old DiscT@2) i would like to be able to buy the media. Any help would be great appreciated. Thank you, KamiQuazi
  15. Portable nLite

    I second beepop100, i don't like dot net but use it for the sake of Nuhi hard work on the wonderful app of nlite.