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  1. hello i m using XP SP2 i have realtek driver in my pc... but when i open it the Line In volume is Disable (See the Screenshot) how to enable that? i m recording from my Headphone...
  2. No one known until you post what -X- asked for, so please post that information here. aft click on "click here" i will get this two errors...
  3. hi i have one prob in my pc.. when click on my computer it will give me this errror and then pc is got hangged... does any1 knows what is it?????/ i have scanned my pc with kaspersky anti virus 2010. please tell me the solution.. do not tell that i have to format the system. i dont want to format the PC. tell me the solution guys..........
  4. hello i m here again... i want to know how to check my Internet connection speed... is there any site or Soft to check speed then plz tell me.... waiting...
  5. cybercafe managment tool??? i dont use any tool man.. what this?? what is citrix?
  6. hello frens... in my system i hv 1GB DDR2 ram.... i want to add one more ram 1 GB DDR2 but when i installed it.. the computer is not displaying anything.... i mean to say that after adding that RAm in my PC.. the CPU is showing the Process but it's not displaying anything...???? my fren told me that i want to do some settings from BIOS menu.. but i dnt knw how???????? plz tell me the solution
  7. hi guys... i have FIFA-08 game in my PC... n i have all the setup file in one folder when i ply this game it will ask me for cd... how can i make autoplay cd for FIFA-08.. plz tell me....
  8. hello frens... i want to play Vice city game via LAN... but the Problem is the game (Vice city) is installed on server. and the virtual drive software is also installed in server.. and i m playing with LAN.. so how can i play this game via LAN.. i have shared that drive also.. but how can i share virtual drive... i have tried to shared that virtual drive also but problem remains same... plz help me Frens... Note : dnt knw Where to post this topic
  9. hi.... i m starting cybercafe next.... someone told me... that i can set max downloading speed limit for PCs.(with the help of one soft...) plz if anyone know the name of that software than tell me....
  10. hi i m starting cybercafe next week... but the Problem is which rights i give to my Client PCs.... i want to make one pc as server... how to make server? which things require? can i make partition NTFS or FAT?? (i think NTFS...)
  11. hi frens... i m here again with many questions......... i m starting Cybercafe n Gamezone next week.... please tell me how to make server and how to make PC as Client??? i want to know how to make client server??? if any one know then please tell me.....
  12. ahh.......... It's Nice that u all are ivolved in my Topic... thanx to u all frens. puntoMX, Zenskas, CoffeeFiend, Kelsenellenelvia..., majormashup, go6o_kara.... thanx all.... i learn a lot..... to buy nvidia GFX card is best or not???

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