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  1. Update i just added the hotfixes in to it one last thing now and its done. Applications are the last thing to do
  2. yep i done that i got the thing removed but it still takes me to the wrong address
  3. i dont know what has happen to my internet explorer but i can only visit 3 sites and it i tpye in the address bar it comes up Action Canceled and then that the top i get Click Here for the old com.org and the address i typed goes like http://www.www.goolge.com.org/ does anyone know what has happen to me? and also to p*** me off even more it removed all the Windows Updates around my computer
  4. the end version is almost finshed just need to make the applications section work, run the scirpt and test it in Virtual PC and then it will be done. Please remember that these version i have done so after are only beta's and are not ready to be used as a noraml script.
  5. This Site he did but he put it has the topic title
  6. $OEM$\$$\System32 = System 32 folder in the windir $OEM$\$$\Web\Wallpaper = places your wallpapers in the wallpaper folder in the windir $OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes = your theme placed in the correct dir use this instead of typing out a hole bacth file for your themes, wallpapers, fonts etc $OEM$\$Doc\All Users\Desktop\ use this one to place shortcuts on the desktop.
  7. Thanks for that i have fixed it and now i think it is almost done. Newer version here. EDIT: i have just replace the newer version with a better version which now supports the CD/DVD buring and has a better end cleen up with all sugguested fixes so far.
  8. know because the script needs you to save the winnt.sif in the root folder if that correction there you just said was in place it would save in the winnt folder thats why its called winntmaker.
  9. **** now dont i feel stupid i have never seen that before in my life Sorry
  10. hey guys i have a suggestion for the frontpage, could we maybe have something that tells us that we have a new pritive message on the frontpage of MSFN. Just a thought?
  11. do you have a second Hard drive or some kind of removeable media device if so back up your data before doing thing to the PC.
  12. sounds great and the tab portal is also good. Great Work!!
  13. 100=D 97=A 118=V 101=E 88=X 80=P 584=DaveXP 0100 0100 0110 0001 0111 0110 0110 0101 0101 1000 0101 0000
  14. if you are on about the winnt.sif maker that in with my script it is a custom made program.
  15. i got a CD with my PC which does that but that the end it also installs programs with sysprep and i was just think it could be done that way
  16. also i have tryed servarl different things ith making the application to add if the users has them but not one of them worked it copies all the information instead of just the need information?
  17. try it again now and that program for the winnt cannot be copyed its not mine as i have sayed.
  18. in my batch file it run a program to make the winnt.sif file (NOTE. i did not make that program and it belongs to an unamed source)
  19. thats right just wondering if anyone had tryed it.
  20. Ok i need people to test this newer version this includes the fit for the applications apart from the powertoys and the hotfixes. also the cd/dvd burn has not yet been fixed.

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