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  1. Installing XP from CD & USB

    ok thanks will give it a try
  2. Installing XP from CD & USB

    At what point will the usb stick be seen by the os
  3. Is there a way i can install xp from a normal cd backup and get it to install all the aps, Hotfixs & cmd's from a usb stick Thanks Paul
  4. Hi there, once all the files have been meraged, can the files be put back on the CD and then installed the normal way win98se installs Thanks Paul
  5. Remote desktop Connection

    Thanks MCT, The printers our hp laserjet 5m's on our network not the server network, what we are tring to do, is when we print something off it prints to our printers not the server printer. Thanks Paul
  6. Hi All hope someone can help me on this little prob i have, our head office has windows server2003 on a domain, we have our network here just setup as a workgroup, we can connect to the server with remote desktop connection but cant add our printers to their server, our printers are on our network, has anyone any idears Thanks Paul Data0002
  7. USB in Dos

    Thanks for the replay, have tryed it and did not get it to work Paul
  8. USB in Dos

    Does anyone know how to run a USB stick in pure dos i.e. before windows is installed, and give it a drive letter Thanks Paul Data0002
  9. Office 2003 + SP1

    Thanks for the replys it doesn't matter how long it takes to install as i allways do an reinstall over night when the pc is not in use. if i slipstream sp1 can i still do office updates, because with office xp i couldn't without re slipstream. Thanks Paul
  10. Office 2003 + SP1

    Can Someone please help me i have office 2003 in my unattended disk, what i i want to do is install the sp1 at the same time but not in a slipstream can this be done and if so what are the switchs. With Thanks Paul Data0002 P.S. does anyone know the reg code for letting a wireless card connect to any wireless network point. Thanks
  11. how would i do/set that up With Thanks
  12. Hi My firm deals in secound hand laptops & PC. i have made an unattended XP SP2 cd. Some of the laptops come in with out cd rom drives, so i down loaded the 6 floppy disk boot up file from microsoft, start with them and then carry on with a PCMCIA CD-Rom. What i would like to know how do i make this set-up to carry on unattended and the mo i have to input all the information as windows installs With Thanks Paul Data0002
  13. Who will win the English Premiership?

    Me thinks it's going to be an out-sider like Portsmouth
  14. windows welcome screen

    Thanks prathapml but the but i am after is the screen where it says "Who will use this Computer?" and you have to put upto 5 users Thanks again
  15. windows welcome screen

    Thank you alanoll i will have alook