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  1. CDImage.exe from Microsoft (internal use only) and cdburn.exe, dvdburn for the buring which you can get by downloading the windows server 2003 resoucres kit.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has tried it the sysprep way as i am going to give it a go. In anyone as could you posy problems you may have had or hints, tips for it. Thanks
  3. i can host DirectX9b and MM2 and i have both on my PC now if you want i will.
  4. which version of Windows are you doing this on Pro or Home Take the WINNTBBU.DLL and place it in the i386 then double click the Setup.exe in the root folder were you placed your Windows Files and click Install and see it that works to show you your setup screen.
  5. wow thats a good idea and it quite helpful when your that the bottom.
  6. the image was a .bmp right? recompress it again from the WINNTBBU.DLL and try again.
  7. thanks for that never spoted it i have almost fixed all the errors.
  8. When you run the setup to Windows and copyies its self the the hard drive it adds info to the boot.ini to tell windows to load setup and next restart and i delete the files and then for get to get the information out of the boot.ini file so when i restart i get files missing hal.dll
  9. no luck here yet either i dont know what to do with it and when i restart my PC when trying this it says HAL.DLL missing and this p***es me off.
  10. i think i am just going to do Microsoft application and set a command line hich asks the user which programs he has.
  11. The Broadband does work it makes my connection more like 512kb/ps than 150kb/ps which i have BUT i dont know if it would work on all computers. I should think that it would work but i dont know that for sure.
  12. Open Source software received a boost, yesterday, wth the announcement that nine government departments are piloting Open Source platforms in a venture with IBM. The trials should last from three to six months and include large departments such as the Department of Work and Pension, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Office of the eEnvoy, as well as smaller bodies such as Newham Borough Council and Orkney Council. The scale of the pilots will also vary. Spokesperson Martin Day, of the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) told us it would include 'a wide spectrum of trials - from a Government department sitting down with IBM to come up with solution for a specific issue from scratch, to controlled environment comparisons between applications running on Open Source and proprietary systems.' An IBM spokesperson could not tell us precise details of the deployment, but said, 'I know Linux is being considered,' and that everything from servers to notebooks would be involved. The OGC has said that departments choosing Linux-based products will receive 'additional savings'. News source: PCPro
  13. svcpack.inf is the best way of doing it i would say Hotfixes Method
  14. i slipstreamed sp1 from the net an it does put .NET Framework there but the link dont work so its a pain.
  15. know thats classed as warez ware not allowed but you can get a free trial of Virtual PC for Microsoft.
  16. sound like some manged to get some kind of script on your pc and executed it run a virus check.
  17. thats because the file is in use shutdown all process you dont thinkm should be there.
  18. that what i was trying to say all along Thanks for the Clear up there
  19. turn off NAV and disbale it completely go to the file delete in manual empty the recycle bin and restrat the machine and re-enable NAV.
  20. looks good may get one of those ith my Next PC
  21. thats funny never had a problem before and i have always use %systemdrive%\Install with not one problem in the winnt.sif
  22. gosh you are pointing to the Windows Folder he need the Install folder on the C:\ which should be [GuiRunOnce] %systemdrive%\Install\Filename.bat

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