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  1. I manually configure my computers ip address to, etc, etc. How can i specify the gateway, subnet mask, default dns in my winnt.sif, so my internet will be all ready after I install windows.
  2. im using sp2 2149 how come windows update hasnt downloaded the sp2 final yet? I am planning on formatting soon with the final sp2 but not yet..
  3. XP SP2 Freezing with Wireless Adapter.

    hmm i was hoping someone else had a fix for this issue:( I dont know if i can call ms anyways, the pc its on used to have a legit copy of xp home, but i loaded pro on it.. If anyone wants to help me out or see if they have this issue? I still get wireless connection and everything on the laptop but it has freezed if the card is in while booting or during windows.
  4. I just formatted my dads laptop with xp sp2. Everything runs good until I pop in my dads linksys wpc11 pcmcia 802.11b card. Sometimes windows will freeze and it never seems to find a connection. Whenever wireless zero configuration service is enabled my computer will freeze right away once i plug in the wireless card. If i dont plug in the card its fine. If the service is off I can get a wireless connection but my dads laptop is freezing frequently. Is there some kind of bug with wirless and sp2 that causes freezing?
  5. SP2 install needed hacked files list

    thanks for the info. IM not required to disable wfp as well am I?
  6. SP2 install needed hacked files list

    how do I slipstream the tcpip.sys file into my xp sp2 cd? what is the process to get that file on and replace it with the current one on the disc?
  7. Win XP SP2 will limit your maximum connections

    I went to the event viewer and I see a bunch of warnings.. I guess Im way out of connections.... Arg I wish someone would crack this, but I guess ill run that patch or whatever was posted. EDIT: One of the parts on the site it says is "Now restart your computer an press F8 short after the Bios is done and start in securemode (don't know the right translation!)." What exactly is secure mode? Are they just referring to safe mode?
  8. Win XP SP2 will limit your maximum connections

    hmm.. im currently using sp2 2149 and havent really noticed a connection issue with bit torrent. although i just got a modded xbox and sometimes ill lose connection to the ftp.. not sure if thats cause of sp2 or not. so as of now, there is no way to remove this limitation"?
  9. Win XP SP2 will limit your maximum connections

    what exactly kind of problem is this feature presenting?
  10. thanks for that info in2fun:) Now i better go and redo it lol
  11. ok i renamed it to mpsetup.exe, and it worked. Are there any switches i need to install silently or no
  12. Do I have to rename mpsetupxp to mpsetup? cause when i ran it and it was at the last step I got an error sayin i must copy mpsetup to redist folder first?
  13. any ideas? Id like to use this method.. and gosh please help, im sure ur busy though
  14. thats impossible considering this is the same key and cd i have always used...
  15. will someone help! Why wont it accept my cdkey?