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  1. Once I had SUS(Microsoft Software Update Service) SP1 on my own server. Now I have updated my server with Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition. But when I installed SUS SP1, the Windows said: U should install IIS5.0 or later, but I had already done it. So I visit www.microsoft.com,they said : SUS support windows2000 server Sp4 or Windows server 2003 (except for all 64bit Version) My problem is : now Microsoft had released Windows Software Update Service(WSUS).Does it not support Win2003 server x64 edition yet? Thanks.
  2. Yesterday, the final day of October,One of the DT Administrators,named Copytrooper ,at their web pages,said: "We have to delay v4 for around 14 days due to a serious bug.We worked hard to get it done for a October release, unfortunately s*** happens from time to time.From now on all threads concerning the release date of v4 will be deleted, and people who still complain will get an extra time out from the forum for the next 14 days." As U know,the daemon tools is the best Virtual CD/DVD software under windows. Version 4 is designed for WinXp x64 Edition. Now, I use one software named "FantomDVD" under WinXp x64 Edition,but it has a few bugs ,espacially virtualling those encryped discs.
  3. You can visit ASUS website for your luck~ Are U from China ?
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