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  1. Thanks, all. So far, I've been treated to lunch at my favotite Japanese restaurant (which I can't afford on my own, so thanks, Mom), gotten calls from all my sibs and their offspring, received the PERFECT gift from my sister, and bought myself a new toy. Tonight, we do birthday cake! And the weather's been simply gaw-jus. Like me. I love birthdays.
  2. Opera Was Hit In London You have to wonder if they'll have security guards, jealous girlfriends and transvestites in the opera version. "Jerry Springer -- The Opera" is coming to the U.S. next year, after a hit run in London. The production will play for six weeks in San Francisco before hitting Broadway. The show about Springer and his raunchy talk extravaganza won the British version of a Tony for best musical. True to the actual show, the stage version features tap-dancing Ku Klux Klansmen, blue language and a parade of low-life guests. Springer himself is shot at the end of the first act and dragged down to hell. Springer saw the show in London and praised the production -- while distancing himself from the Springer portrayed in it. Copyright 2004 by The Associated Press. So I don't want to hear anything about the superiority of British taste.
  3. I use WhoLockMe. It adds an entry to the context menu, will show every process that's using this file/folder, and has a "Kill Process" button. Oh yeah. It's free!
  4. Try QuickMenu from http://darksky.s21.xrea.com/sw/qm/index2.html
  5. old news to this forum. last time, it ruffled some feathers.
  6. piaqt


    Weird Object Beyond Pluto Gets Stranger The article's real, but that headline.... Tris, I knew you were out there, but day-um!
  7. It's My Lai. Don't forget, I'm old enough to remember it. (hint hint)
  8. piaqt

    Windows Noise

    When touchtone phones first came out, various guides to playing tunes with the button sounds circulated. Plus ca change....
  9. Try http://www.aumha.org/win5/a/shtdwnxp.htm
  10. Duct-Tape Use No. 50,761: Prom Dress Couple Hope Makeshift Prom Outfits Win Them Scholarship Copyright 2004 by The Associated Press.
  11. ...and Con Ed, the cable bill, the phone bill, the cellphone bill....
  12. Um... What's MD5/CRC checking?
  13. Shark007: Fangs a lot. (couldn't resist.) After I posted, I googled it and found one at http://www.betaresource.net/forums/index.p...=ST&f=30&t=1239.
  14. ...And the question is, is there one? I tried updating StyleXP to v. 2.02, and all that does is give me application errors ("xyz app has to close... send/don't send report"). Make me sick. If it's a hack, what do I change? I've got a hex editor, but not clue how to do this.
  15. If you're not part of a domain, that admin pack is south of useless. I downloaded it, too.
  16. The annual Forbes List of Billionaires is out. You know you're in NYC when the Mayor ranks higher than the Donald (Trump) and the Queen of Mean (Leona Helmsley).
  17. A response worthy of the proud papa.
  18. How are the results from "View New Posts" sorted? Because afaict, it isn't by last or first post date, or by post or forum or originator name.
  19. The log off images are in msgina.dll.

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