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  1. Just thought you guys want to know. Also Java 5 update 15 is out and Java 5 will be entering EOL transition soon. You guys usually post it a lot earlier but no one did not so I decided to help out.
  2. Yeah I would go with the x64 version mate. I have heard people saying its actually more stable than the 32 bit version and what with Microsoft saying they are going to push big time for x64 as the next evo in OS, I dont see why not. I am not using vista because I dont like it but I am using xp x64 and it works like a charm. Main worry is drivers but for Vista since that is the de facto OS now that should not be a problem. Your vlite image may get pretty huge though with x64.
  3. I switched to O&O defrag. That thing is cool! Noticeable performance difference!
  4. Best decision you could make niceguy.
  5. Not really easy giving you a suggestion considering your budget of 40k Rupees does not translage easily to product prices here in the US. I am sure parts in India are probably a bit more expensive. I would not recommend a quad core if you are in a budget since you will not get much of a benefit. I would rather suggest a very high clock dual core for the best performance.
  6. Yeah I dont like Counter Strike...I like GRAW series and the Rainbow 6 series just a lot more fun with your buds.
  7. The power supply is overkill. I have a 750W powering my rig in the sig. Dont SLI that card not much gains. Also get rid of the Physx card.
  8. Yes and no. What is your computing habit as an example? There are virtually no games that can utilize a quad core. I would recommend going with a really fast dual core to be honest. But then the Q6700 is dirt cheap right now so why not go ahead? Ultimately it is your call but you will need a good OS to load balance out the CPUs. I would recommend a server based OS. XP x64 would get my vote for it. That is if you want to do it right. Vista SP1 is not bad idea either but go x64. Drivers are in a good state right now for the most part. When I say computing habits I mean hard core multitasking. Something a dual core cant handle. The reason I went quad core is because I run a lot of ORacle apps on my machine and since they are written in Java they can be stressful on the system. Since those apps are properly multithreaded it can tax all my CPUs at an even level. Hence the quad core.
  9. http://www.tweakguides.com/AC_1.html For those who are interested in getting more out of the game. Still on another note it is good to see that the DX9 codepath is still significantly faster than the DX 10 and there is not much change visually. Another score for the XP 64 camp vs the Vista camp.
  10. Scratch that I couldnt resist and stuck the game back in and boy is it fun
  11. Dont even bother with any of those. Just get the CCCP and you will have all that you need. I cant believe I didnt know abou that for the longest time! VLC is great but for serious users who want an awesome glitchfree experience CCCP is the way to go.
  12. The PS3 is really coming in to its own. I dont care too much for the Xbox since those games I can play in much more clarity and depth on my PC. Most PS3 games and PS3 exclusives are games to my taste and they are not available for the PC unfortunately that is why I lean towards it. Also with the constant firmware updates and new features being added I dont think the PS3 is that bad anymore. I mean its already Bluray 2.0 capable and watching Bluray movies on that is just an experience on its own. Watched Silent Hill on it and it was just awesome last night LOL
  13. I am gonna have to order me the MSG edition PS3 for sure...
  14. So you guys have played the game on the PC? I had my first crash of the game...it crashed and brought down the whole system lol. I had to restart and I dont like that...why oh why did I go against my usual self imposed rule of not buying games right when they come out until at least a few patches are out? I guess the game is going to go back into its case for some time until I finish the others...
  15. I am using FRAPS to show the framerate.
  16. Runs great! And looks awesome! Lot of people had reported various sorts of issues with the game but I must be lucky. first there was the whole issue with DX 10.1 which apparently is incorporated into the game and that results in dramatic AA improvements etc etc. But anyway since Nvidia cards are not 10.1 capable I guess I am good for now since people are having issues. Not too sure on that one. Playing the game @ 2560 x 1600 maxed out everything and getting a steady 40 fps. I am running the Nvidia latest beta drivers that have the Assassin's Creed sli profile in there. I have not tried AFR or anything else yet so I am going to try that tomorrow and see if I can eek out some more fps. All in all I finished the 1st level and am now in the city trying to explore. The parkour setup is just so fun to use! Anybody else get the game?
  17. I run it without hesitation on my XP 64 rig and it works awesome.
  18. Do you have 4 gb ram or greater? If the answer is yes then I believe that is why Hibernate is not available even as an option.
  19. Yeah forgot to mention 3ware. Excellent products. Expensive too as was already mentioned. And punto is right...Intel board has better RAID I believe.
  20. Apache HTTPD 2.2.8 Openssl 0.9.8g MySQL 5.0.51a PHP 5.2.5 PHP 4.4.8 phpMyAdmin 2.11.4 FileZilla FTP Server 0.9.25 Mercury Mail Transport System 4.52 Clamwin Perl 5.8.8 mod_perl 2.0.3 I am not asure about the mercury mail transport system but I am pretty sure the rest would work.
  21. Wow a P3 architecture chip! You know size of cache does not matter THAT much right lol..couldnt resist!
  22. As for heatsink go with the one I got if you have a large case. I got the Thermalright 120 Ultra or whatever it is called. That sucker is just awesome at cooling but be wary the size is quite huge. Just check out Thermalright's site. Several overclockign forums swear by that thing and I believe them! As for RAID cards there are lots of options out there...are you looking for SAS RAID or just regular SATA RAID? How much memory would you want on the RAID card? Adaptec and LSI would be the first places I would look though I would lean more towards LSI. They are mighty expensive though be warned! I considered getting a RAID card but then I just ran out of space in my case! So I am just sticking wiht the dual raptors for now. But the onboard RAID while decent does leave a lot to be desired especially if I want to add a few more drives becasue apparently 2 raptors in RAID 0 which I have max out the onboard disk IO bandwidth!!

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