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  1. Stop threatening MSFN members. If you are so disgusted by the collective decision of the Reddit's highly respected community to officially label it as "child pornography distribution", if you don't agree with the results of the investigation, just ignore those posts. And this matter is directly related to the compromised security of that browser and safety of MSFN members, consequently - it's not off-topic.
  2. From what I remember it had a problem with saving from DuckGo. It save without the file extensions. I can be mistaken.
  3. There was no misleading information in @AstroSkipper's post, and MyPal 68 works perfectly fine with that German DNS provider with no-logging policy. P.S. "N." word is a bad word, at least in the US.
  4. OMG, that multiple acc. crap again. Report! What's stopping you, huh? You don't report because you know it's not true. We can't. You give dangerous, erroneous advice all the time, like this once again. People may have troubles with the police because of what you suggest, some countries have very harsh laws! The articles you attach, you clearly didn't read yourself, otherwise you'd see it doesn't work with MyPal.
  5. Basically, what we wrote you about the R470 branch being too old for that GPU. A big lie from nVidia is nothing new! This time you have hard proof, talk to the press. Back up the false advertising page. Sue them, I dunno, at least demand money back + compensation.
  6. I wouldn't go out and just buy a 3090 Ti, all of that because a random entity on the internet wrote it "worked" for him, just saying. Gather more info before the purchase!
  7. This is for MS Edge or very recent Firefox only, therefore - it won't work with MyPal, this post only brings confusion to the users of MyPal. Besides, they acquire false sense of security with your unprofessional advice, thus they can get caught in a very unpleasant situation. Most importantly, it's even written in the supplied article, but you failed to mention it, why?
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