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  1. upd. moved to the fiber internet, costs around 6.3~ dollars USA. in principle, the speed is good, but interruptions for 5-10 minutes happen sometimes but rarely
  2. Only two? I don't know. If except for the components - two. Packard Bell EasyNote LS11-HR-528RU and one more computer (Xeon E5440, GTX660, 8GB DDR3)
  3. What bit are you talking about? For there are two portable versions - official and unofficial. And what's the difference - are you Russian or not, why did you even write this lol
  4. Decide - your dad is from India or from the Czech Republic? Why are you lying at all, I don't understand you? lmao
  5. Decide whether you are 40 years old and have a family or you just turned 21 today? I don't understand your logic lmao
  6. Thanks you made my day. Finally, someone reacted to this with passive aggression, and even fun lmao
  7. I'm not sure about this, since the list of supported processors simply does not include the one I need. More precisely, it is not visible on the list.
  8. Good evening, I have such a question - are there any chances for the integrated video card to work in the Pentium G630 processor on Windows Vista? I just can't find the driver. If someone can find, I will be very grateful about that. If anything, it's Sandy Bridge
  9. I wonder if this is a Microsoft error or did they do it on purpose? Downloading DirectX Runtime is simply not possible on their site right now, apart from the web archives, ridiculous. If anyone needs a download link, here is - "https://cutt.ly/kkxPoVe". I leave a link here, because I want no one to waste time searching
  10. Hah, I have never seen people who, because of ignorance, deleted their post. Like, what's the difference? Maybe someone uses his advice, they just don't write about it, because they don't see any very important reason in this. If they want to ask or write something, they will write, just don’t need to be angry that message being ignored. IMHO, I repeat, but it's strange that this person deleted the message due to the fact that his appeal is simply ignored (personal opinion - nothing more)
  11. Are you running x86 or x64? If the former, then x32 software is not yet supported. It seems that with the next update it will be partly fixed. And yes, download x64, if so
  12. I'm not saying that they removed all the code from the base, if it were all, then, I think, this solution would not exist at all. And yes, I just remember that the video from @WinClient5270 said that the code needed to work with the codecs from Windows Vista was simply removed. Most likely I just misunderstood
  13. Good day, I have good news - I was able to get the broadcast on Twitch and the video on Twitter to work on latest versions of Firefox or Pale Moon! Before running the latest browsers, you need to install the extended kernel from @win32 As we know, initially on newer versions of Firefox and Pale Moon, some built-in codecs in Windows Vista do not work, since the Firefox development team simply removed some of the Windows Vista codecs part of the code from the browser. As a result, some sites (including Twitch, Twitter) stopped displaying videos. To fix this, download this archive and extract it to your Firefox or Pale Moon root folder. It simply replaces two files, thanks to which videos or broadcasts will work on those sites on which it did not work.
  14. This is actually about what I'm talking about. Just install .net 4.0 and everything will work like on the newer versions of Windows! Also I remember that osu! did not gave me this error in 2019. Weird thing
  15. I am offended that I was born at the wrong moment and at the wrong time. I want to see the internet from 2005-2009, I don't want to see the current situation with the unnecessary staff and dull interface. I want to see the complete openness of people on the Internet and their kindness to me. I want to see how Windows was made lovingly and stable, not 10, which is filled with surveillance and unnecessary services. I want to see the past of the internet and what it was like.

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    2. Koishi Komeiji

      Koishi Komeiji

      It's interesting that Tim Berners-Lee himself dislikes the way the internet is going.

      And woah, that's some hella wisdom there. I don't think any more words need to be said than what was by @Gansangriff because he nailed it <33

    3. Gansangriff


      Hey, there is an old book by Tim Berners-Lee, which explained from his view, why the internet, as we know it grew strong! And it's not like there wasn't any opposition on the market. But the web was a free standard, open to everyone, no license costs, and that's why it succeeded. I can recommend to see the mastermind himself on a film, because you'll see a grown up child there.

      Anyways, @Koishi Komeiji thank you for your kind words! Sometimes I write and the words just flow especially when it's about topics of heart. And this is about having proper computers for the future (also for the kids and youth that grow up now). And therefore some current ways of development have to be questioned. And the MSFN forum is a place, where this is done.

    4. jack980517


      I'm born in 1998 and I still feel I'm not born early enough.

      Windows 2000 and XP are amazing. Vista was when M$ started to break a consistent interface down to pieces. Not to mention the update fiasco in Windows 10.

      I don't like the current "flat" design trend. Especially Google's design language, which in addition to being flat, wastes screen space.

      Pre-iPhone phones have more "personality" than current iOS and Android devices. For current phones, the only deciding factors are CPU, RAM, and perhaps camera. The appearance basically only differs in color, because most of the appearance is the screen. Pre-iPhone phones have more varied appearance, and more varied functionality.

  16. Just start downloading closer to midnight, and there will already be a new package of internet xd
  17. IMHO, my top three favorite versions of Windows are Vista, 7 and XP. Vienna is most memorable to me because it was my first version of the operating system that came with a Packard Bell EasyNote LS11HR laptop (at that time, it was a very good laptop with 6 gigabytes of RAM, an i5 processor and some kind of video card by Radeon (or what), definitely not I remember, but the sites said that this is a gaming laptop). There were very good and pleasant times, as I remember all this with pleasure, nothing lagged, everything worked perfectly, and this interface... It hooked me with something. But this "something" keeps me still. But! Now you ask why I put Vista in the list of my favorite systems? Because I have been using it since 2017, and this is a cool thing that I will not reinstall for at least a few years, since I really love it, and with the release of the extended kernel from @win32, I definitely will not move until then, until the creator of this thing can, for some reason, add new functions, and the programs will no longer connect to servers or something else. Also, I really love her interface, it is even better than in 7, which I also love, and I will never forget, I just want stable work from my computer, and with Vista it became possible. Yes, I still have this laptop, it is running Windows 7, my dad uses it, since the discrete video card for some unknown reason stopped working, unfortunately. But now I use a computer with modest specifications, but they satisfy me: GTX660 Palit, Xeon E5440, 8GB DDR3. It works perfectly on this hardware. Also, I fell in love with XP, I used it until 2014-2016, then I moved, as mentioned, to Vista. I used it because it was very stable, and then it was just interesting for me to explore it, but yes, those were interesting times. Moving on to what I hate, it's 10. I used it for a few months, but then switched back to 7, but after a while already on Vista. I do not want to use 10, since it simply wastes my perfomance of pc to nowhere, for some unknown reason: 2-3 gigabytes of RAM, when on Vista there is only 1 gigabyte, I also don’t particularly like surveillance, which is very much on 10, ex. And I also just don't like the Metro interface, I don't like minimalism, it's just not mine
  18. Are you sure about that? Driver installer apps are not perfect and can simply take your Vista PC into BSOD because of badly installed drivers
  19. I live in Ukraine and pay about 3.5 dollars per month for the Internet, 10 down, 0.8 up, adsl xd
  20. It worked like that before the extended kernel. This game is based on x86 architecture, even without kernelex it works fine for me, only giving an error at the beginning, which does not affect the work in the future. And it works because the game itself is made on net. framework 4 which supports Windows Vista
  21. I have weird pc but it actually good for me and works pretty fast: CPU: Xeon E5440 GPU: Nvidia GTX660 Palit RAM: 8 GB DDR3 (1333MHz) Motherboard: Asus P5G41T-M LX3 SSD: Some NN chinese 128GB HDD: 128GB Barracuda xd
  22. Actually not, i've tried to install some extensions and only several are installed successfully. All another are giving me this error
  23. Screensharing not will be implemented, because some codecs for this - very "heavy" and the idea of this program was precisely in lightness, just keep in touch
  24. If you really need some discord client, i recommend to use ripcord - lightweight client with some additional features. Interface heavily modified but easy to get used to

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