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  1. Businesses take forever and a day to implement anything new (or different), so I don't think they'll switch just like that. Regular folks could go to Apple but the entry barrier is high ($$$). And Linux is amazing, but most normal folks don't even know what it is, and it does take a lot more personal involvement to have a system that works as users intend it to (how to install apps, some apps might not have a native linux app, finding alternatives, etc.). For the regular user I think ChromeOS (in chromebooks) is a much bigger thread to Microsoft than Apple or any of the many Linux distros. In education Chromebooks are already huge and Microsoft is trying to get into that market again with what will be Windows Lite (I think?).
  2. You could just buy from ebay/craigslist type of site? I mean if building one isn't an option.
  3. i guess that's what I'll do too, even though the parts are not something I can reuse. I might to play around with some very very light distros
  4. Not really wanted to start a new thread, I'll ask here, almost 3 years after the previous write up. What are you doing with your rig once it finally dies or you stop running XP? I just inherited a laptop from the Vista days and I put XP on it. Runs great, but eventually it will die. I'm just looking to plan ahead a bit and know what I'll do with it.
  5. I've been playing with a laptop and XP Pro. I wish I had done a POS thing before though.
  6. Yeah I watched a couple videos about it, from Druaga1 and ExplainingComputers. No the most up to date, but both very illustrative in their on ways. Linked here in case anyone else wants spend a couple minutes on that.
  7. How far along it is? I'm just about to start watching a youtube video of a review made a little while ago.
  8. I remember MSN. The Whatsapp before Whatsapp.
  9. After a fresh install I'm still hunting down some drivers. Thankfully wifi worked after installing the driver, so everything else has been easier once I got internet access working on it. https://i.imgur.com/Uz5s3PD.png
  10. That's a good solution. I run Arch as my main system, but if I was still on XP or needed to use it, I could very well do that. I have an old machine I might turning into an XP machine just for fun as a side project and see where it leads me.
  11. Yeah I think this is for when you go seeking the updates instead of letting them come to you.. I also used WSUS one time and it also worked great.
  12. Are you trying to install from a USB? If so, try WinToFlash. Also give this thread a read, the third to last comment helped me get over this exact problem. Thread here: https://wintoflash.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=46
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