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  1. A bottleneck that exists in Windows prior to Windows 7 is that it does not work beyond VS2010. VS2010 and earlier, the highest version of .NET Framework is the one that comes with the product (except for 2005 which had an update for DOTNETFX3.0). But since VS2012, it supports up to 4.8 without exception. The extensions manager doesn't work anymore in VS2010 due to the TLS 1.0 apocalypse.
  2. Hello, I want to know if there is any way to fool the system that instead of using Windows 10 1511, I am using 1607. It happens that many programs work on Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1, but they ask for Windows 10 1607 or later, in some cases until 1803. In Windows 2000 there was NNN4NT5, which could fool the entire system that you were using XP or another version of Windows.
  3. The first time you listen to Windows 11, the more you hear that it requires as much as Vista at its launch times (TPM 2.0). I imagine a very slow system, a failure worse than Windows Me or 8. But the story is completely different for me, I have risked trying it. PC on which I tested Windows 11: Intel Pentium G860 Sandy Bridge 2 Cores - 3GHz 4 GB of RAM (3.5 usable) 1 TB Hard Disk WD Blue I managed to fool the installer with a patch so that the installer leaves me even in MBR. I had the hard disk partitioned in MBR. Now I will tell my pros and cons of Windows 11 Pros: -Despite the greater requirements, it is three times as fast -Windows Media Player is still alive -Animations make Windows 11 look like a smooth and polished system -The start menu is less bloated -The Paint remains the same as Windows 7 but with another icon -All old software that works on Windows 21H2 works also on 11 Cons: -Openshell does not work for those who miss the old menu -In the home edition it is mandatory to have a Microsoft account -You can only position the task bar at the bottom, and goodbye to the quick bars that accompanied us since Windows 98 :(
  4. The same goes for other older versions and it's a hassle For example Windows 2000 left it in IE6 of 2001, when Windows 2000 ended the support in 2010, it should have received an IE7 or even an IE8 and thus they met the support dates; This is why many companies stayed in IE6 in the late 2000s. In Windows NT 4.0, they have left DirectX3, when they could upgrade to DirectX 8.0, 8.1 or 9. In Windows 98 SE as ME, not having released Office 2003, as well as IE6SP2 (since in an alternative universe Windows 2000 has support up to IE8). In Windows XP, leave it in an IE8 without even HTML5, when they could have updated it to IE11 and still met the support term; taking into account that Posready ended support 10 years after IE8 was released (i.e. 2019). Like not launching DirectX 10, when many were staying in XP. How not to support Elliptic curve when many programs depend on IE (a huge headache) In Vista, also up to IE11, but also release Powershell 3.0 for Vista (even 5.1), Office 2013 and Visual Studio 2013.
  5. In mid-2020, Google removed the Classic Layout from YouTube forcing us to use a bloated polymer-based layout. If you have a gamer pc with linux installed and Chrome you will not have a major problem. But the new YouTube layout made with polymer consumes a lot of resources, it is very slow and bloated if you do not use a browser based on Chrome, not to mention on an old PC. We do not intend it to be the default view, but for performance and compatibility reasons, include it again as an option, since in Firefox it is very slow and contains many errors such as BUGS. Sign Here: http://chng.it/p5XwBxJrQL
  6. Although it is dirty work, I am interested in doing it in my current installation.
  7. This proxy is very good as Windows XP and lower can have TLS 1.2 support and a lot of essential modern chipers. If I install it in Windows XP or 2003 with IE8 it works perfectly, but with IE6 the story is different. If I try to enter an HTTPS site from a Windowws installation with IE6 down it says [WinError 10054] from the proxy. I noticed this because in Windows Server 2003 it didn't work, until I updated to IE8 and it started working. What happens is that I am doing an experiment, to Windows 98 SE, modify the internet configuration so that it accesses the windows server 2003 proxy since I cannot run the program in 98. And the same ... try to access but the same WinError error 10054.
  8. I actually read one of Microsoft's articles, and they're going to block everything sha-1 blocked. I tried a beta insider and I had to start windows in mode without signature verification, since in Windows 10 20H2 it lets me use my Wireless but not in 21H2. This will affect those of us who use older hardware if we need to update to the upcoming versions of Windows 10. But I still use Windows 10 1511 since it is very stable on my computer with 4GB of RAM, SandyBridge and an HDD since I can dual-boot with XP or 2000. Regarding the updates, nothing was affected despite the fact that they mentioned the services and processes. For me they already gave the final grim reaper to XP when they eliminated TLS 1.0 support and the need for the elliptic curve.
  9. 2000 - MSDOS y2k 2011 - Windows 9x and NT4 y2k 2020 and 2021 - Windows NT5 y2k
  10. What is your internet speed and how many GB of weight?
  11. Will these links go down tomorrow or will they continue for some time? Since all this at this time May 8, 2021 17:26 UTC is still online. There are very old updates for XP or 2000 that are still online over including v3-19990518, which were approximated to the release of Windows 98 Second Edition. And the service Pack 4 for Windows 2000 is still stored in these links, however if we go to the original link it is down.
  12. I found this article on the BWC forum in which thanks to a cloudflare proxy, you can use TLS 1.3 in IE6. http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/cat_30243.html?p=2 Obviously I don't use IE6 as few pages work with it. But there are external programs that require IE. I say this since Windows 2000 does not support Elliptic Curve public key algorithm. Which many servers ask for it. And also as an experiment. What I'm saying, did anyone get this to work? Since I have a program called Proxydomo, but I don't know what Cloudflare's remote HTTP Proxy looks like and the port.
  13. What about those updates? Windows 2000 ended support in July 2010, and there were updates for May 2016. As for Windows XP, there were updates for August 2019. They were never in the Windows Update Catalog. I don't want to be conspiranoid, but are they updates from big companies that MS secretly gave you paying for an expensive service like Windows 7 ESUs? Or could it even be from the pentagon? since I read that in 2018 they were still working 9x in the facilities but without internet for security reasons.
  14. Please, this does not mean the removal of xp updates from the catalog?
  15. Getting into IE8 code is very difficult, as there is no filtered source code. But for IE5.5+, I have a proposal. Use a script in the header of the pages gathering all the pollyfills such as corejs, IE9.js, CSS3Pie, etc. And maybe an object to configure it to our liking. In this way we have modern minimum standards for the versions of IE as far as CSS and JS are concerned. HTML5 APIs already require ActiveX controls or fallbacks made in Siverlight such as players.
  16. I'm Installed Net Framework 1.1 and it's still the same
  17. In my Windows 2000 installation I have the following installed: Extended Kernel v2.9iG VC ++ 2019 All updates up to 2010 DirectX 9.0c Net Framework 2.0SP2 Net Framework 3.5SP1 But net framework 4.0 does not work, applications that require it crash.
  18. It may sound silly but with resource hacker I was able to translate the extended kernel into Spanish. If you want I can translate it for you, but I need some files at least with the updates required by the extended kernel.
  19. Ring Tone is what I want. I don't know what you mean by Touch-Tone
  20. Does firefox 54+ work in 2000? For some reason I get an XPCOM error.
  21. Hello, I want to use console.beep so that the internal speaker produces sounds similar to those of a telephone. I tried to make the dial up sound but it's a bit monophonic and I don't really know how to do it.
  22. I already solved the problem by installing the extended core and a slightly older version from 2014, I consider the problem solved.
  23. Windows 2000 Vanilla SP4 with UR1, no extended kernel, no extended core. Installing some of these, fixes this problem?
  24. I'm get this BSOD to install my Wireless on Windows 2000, any ideas?

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