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  1. Yes, but to a lesser extent, the worst that can happen is that aero doesn't work (it disables itself), but restarting the Desktop Windows Manager service fixes it. And Windows Update doesn't work, you have to install the updates offline manually, because Windows Update keeps checking for updates forever even with the SHA-2 patches and the 4 updates that fixed the loop problem.
  2. After 10 years using Sandy Bridge, I have decided that the time has come to update my main hardware, I resisted updating, among other things, due to the stagnation of intel between 2012 and 2017 as well as the incompatibility of old Windows (already Kaby Lake was not even officially compatible with Windows 8.1). Then I found Alder Lake running on Windows 7 (with a dedicated graphics card): https://msfn.org/board/topic/183194-windows-7-on-the-intel-alder-lakez690-platform/, and I told myself it's time to upgrade! I have done several tests with different versions of Windows such as Windows 7, XP, and of course, Windows Vista. In this article I will summarize how I managed to install Windows Vista, although it is not the best option for such current hardware. Procedure to install Vista on an Alder Lake system: 1- Download USB 3.0 AMDXHCI drivers: Windows Vista, like Windows 7, are not compatible with USB 3 natively, so you have to proceed to unofficial universal drivers such as AMDXHCI, I leave a link to some specifically designed for Vista: here 2- Burn the Vista SP2 64-bit iso image on a USB stick: Do it with the Rufus program, if it's in GPT change it to MBR, change the file system to NTFS. After burning the ISO, copy the AMDXHCI folder to the root of your USB. 3- Enable CSM in BIOS 4- Time to install Vista!: Connect the USB memory in a USB 3.0 port, and use a PS2 mouse in this part since the whole USB will not work, when you click "Install Now" a dialog will appear asking for a driver, click on browse and locate the previously downloaded AMDXHCI. The installation is normal. 5- OOBE time: Before you get to the final Vista installation setup, press F8 as Vista starts and choose "Allow unsigned drivers" as USB 3.0 won't work. 6- Install essential drivers with SnappyDriverInstaller: When you get to the desktop you must install some drivers with SDI, select all the drivers that appear (except one for synaptics mouse) and install them without problems. Until here, ready, we already have Vista working in Alder Lake! Works: - HD Audio - USB 3.x It does not work: - Ethernet Without trying: - NVMe - Big-little Clarification: it is mandatory to use a dedicated graphics and disable the integrated graphics since with the latter the CSM will not work. You must have a dedicated network/wifi card since the ethernet provided by intel only works in Windows 10/11.
  3. Alder Lake works perfect on Windows 7, you need a processor with F (no integrated graphics), a dedicated graphics card (preferably 10 series and below), a ps2 mouse, and a dedicated wifi/ethernet card. I am doing the test on an Asus B660-M A Prime. I think even Windows Vista SP2 is possible.
  4. It's nice to see youtube work in old browsers, I was surprised to see a browser that doesn't support the video tag playing content. By the way, for youtube to show the mobile version, you have to change a parameter in the url, cookie, or google puts it by default in old browsers.
  5. Not forget Firefox 12 and Pale Moon 26
  6. Does anyone know what the heck "Windows 2000 SP5" means in the Windows Update v4 Catalog?
  7. I have released a new release of v4root.7z, this one comes with fewer files as it previously crashed. In addition to correcting bugs and adding the Spanish, French, German and Japanese languages to the English functionality level. As well as add a redirect when entering v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com. Download here
  8. You can hack the code to make it an eternal g_sconsumersite, since without it, it will never load.
  9. More news regarding Windows Update v4, WUv4 is getting closer to the return, the only problem is that it looks like Windows Update v6 on XP without proxy... The backend part of the getManifest.asp file is missing to work as it did in its heyday, it's like the client.aspx in WUv6. If you want to have WUv4 working as I say, you must first download the ieversion.js file that detects the version of IE you are using, and add it to default.asp. And replace the following lines: var conWinNT = ; var conBrowserVersion = ; With the following code: var conWinNT = (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Windows NT") > -1); var conBrowserVersion = getIEVersion(); Here below I leave a link to download the folder with all the WUv4 files so as not to spend hours with the wayback machine downloader, in addition to having the bug corrected in English, how to have the famous infinite loop of ?page=3 also solved in English for those with url2rewrite installed. Windows Update v4 files
  10. I could do the web site that redirects to the operating system, it is not necessary to have IE6, each one with their tastes of IE version. I am going to give an example, the user is using Windows 2000 (the system that works with all WU, except WUApp of course) and has IE6 redirects to WUv5, instead if he has IE5 it redirects to WUv4, hopefully it can also detect the service pack since Windows 2000 with SP2 or less only support WUv4 as if it were 98 or ME. If the Windows 2000 user has SP4 and IE6 and does not want WUv5 and prefers WUv3.1 or WUv4 instead, a query string such as g_sconsumersite could be used, but in this case g_V31Site g_V4Site g_V5Site g_V6Site.
  11. Windows Update v4 has a serious problem with javascript variables, when they are called in an if the code stops since they are "undefined", when they were previously defined, in the end ansi works, the problem is the javascript variables at least in top. js.
  12. Really good news community, I have finally achieved an important advance regarding Windows Update v4. WUv4 was stuck looking for the activeX, since there was a corrupted line of code in static top.js (like the language of WUv3, which was always in English). Replace the sCodeBase line with this: sCodeBase = "/CAB/" + (navigator.cpuClass == "x86" ? "x86/" : "ia64/") + "unicode/" + "iuctl.CAB?" + dDate.getTime(); And if it doesn't work, use the signed iuctl.CAB Aug 25, 2003 Today a great titan came back to life!
  13. WTF? 16MB of critical updates? What version of WUv3 did you get that inv from?
  14. But if you look closely all versions (or almost) until R563 store inv and bm. After this version there is nothing, for my Micro$oft I change a mechanism or I change the domain of inv and bm. And it would be illogical that in 10 years (2001 to 2011) there is not a single investment higher than R563.
  15. On Windows 98 it only works in English with IE5.01, not 5.5 or 6.
  16. The problem is that very old updates appear, like ie5.5rtm when windows 98 supports up to ie6sp1, or dx7.0a when it supports up to 9.0c. Also for some reason wayback machine stores only up to R563 of inv and bm, coming from the middle of 2000. Although WUv3 remained open for more than 10 years there is not a single inv of R1150 archived, or at least of a close version such as R1116 or R1097 , only up to R563!
  17. And you are using a English version or German version of actsetup.cab?
  18. Click on Vornext Technologies and install the certificate on local computer
  19. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18SDovpwQ4JdUYkJ4ZwuxMzv4Hta5Q6Id/view?usp=sharing for Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0 this works fine
  20. The file 0x00000407.as, is it a renamed 0x00000409.as?

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