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  1. I did experience that during heavy ST workloads like Cinebench R20 single thread test, the process seems to hop across cores regardless if is a P-Core, Hyperthread of a P-Core or an E-Core, also noticied that Windows 7 sees the ADL CPU as a dual socket system
  2. Windows 8.1 is in my plans as well, will post results in a different thread on the apropiate category
  3. UPDATE: Windows 8 backported XHCI also works on Z690 as well
  4. Motherobard vendors still provide Intel Chipset drivers for Z690 and the Alder Lake platform and they seem to work with 7, even though i got many unsigned driver warnings
  5. AMD USB3 Driver version: Z690 USB3 PCI IDs: Z690 USB3 ROOT HUB: Z690 USB2 ROOT HUB:
  6. Hello, i've been recently messing with a Z690 motherboard and an Intel Alder Lake CPU Managed to get Windows 7 installed, but it was tricky, decided to try an updated Windows 7 ISO with drivers (USB3, NVMe... etc) slipstreamed and tried out, found out Intel USB3 got updated enough that current driver infs lacked the IDs for the new chipsets and didn't recorgnize it, so i had to install using from another PC with modern Intel AHCI, then carry the drive over the system after the first stage of setup. I ended forcing one of the AMD USB3 drivers with success on the system. Test machine specifications: Intel Core i7 12700K 32 GB DDR4 3200 MSI Z690-A PRO DDR4 (Budget Z690 with decent VRM, DDR4 and PS2 port) GTX 1060 3 GB 120 GB SSD (Kingston SSDNow V300) What i could get working: SATA/AHCI HDA Audio Most chipset stuff USB3 (After forcing AMD XHCI Driver), although there are issues What didn't work: Onboard LAN (unsupported Intel controller) IGP (that is expected though) Few unknown devices Untested: NVMe Known issues: USB stops working after resuming from suspend (at least with AMDXHCI driver) Single thread workloads may not allocatte in the right cores USB3 setup, first attempt: Setup after doing 1st stage setup and moving the SSD to the ADL system: After finishing setup: End results: WEI score:
  7. Sorry for the late reply, i'm not very active here LoneCrusader's Intel INFs package for chipset NUSB for USB LAN, i used Realtek PCIe Win98 drivers for my board (GA-EP41-UD3L) Nvidia - either 82.69 or 81.98 + inf edit
  8. Hello, this is one of my first topics in MSFN, one of the things i've considered posting is about Windows 95 onboard AC97 audio drivers and inf mods which were needed in some drivers (had to do for some systems). Also to recopilate them as well The inf modded versions are made due to some AC97 driver packages for Windows 95 (notably Realtek and C-Media), deliberated cut support for many chipset AC97 controllers in the Windows 95 version, but supported in the Windows 98/ME/2000/XP versions even if the driver version is the same as the later one, the mod puts the HW support in the Windows 95 version on par with the Windows 98/ME/2000/XP version Warning: Keep in mind some of the chipsets like Intel ICH6/7, nForce4 variants, SiS 965/966 and ATI IXP4x0/SB4x0/600 support both AC97 and HDA codecs, so make sure your board uses an AC97 codec for audio. High Definition Audio (HDA) codecs are NOT supported Advance Logic/Realtek AC97: Supported codecs: ALC100, ALC100P, ALC101, ALC200, ALC201, ALC201A, ALC202, ALC202A, ALC203, ALC650, ALC653, ALC655, ALC658, ALC850 Supported chipset/southbridges: Intel ICH0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7, VIA VT82C686A/B, VIA VT8231/VT8233/VT8235/VT8237, SiS 630/730, SiS 961/962/962/964/965/966, nVidia nForce 1/2/3/4, ATI IXP/SB up to SB600 Tested working on Asrock Conroe865PE (i865PE+ICH5, Realtek ALC850) v4.06 Win95 inf edited to add Intel ICH5/6/7 AC97, ATI AC97, AMD AC97, ALi/ULi AC97 and nForce 1/2/3/4 AC97 ids, original infs only supported Intel ICH up to ICH4, VIA and SiS DL: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GMaDH8vQu1Tma7U-I59SQ-pTjjxKmkxz/view?usp=sharing C-Media AC97: Supported codecs: CMI9738?, CMI9739?, CMI9761, CMI9780 Supported chipset/southbridges: Intel ICH0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7, VIA VT82C686A/B, VIA VT8231/VT8233/VT8235/VT8237, SiS 630/730, SiS 961/962/962/964/965/966, nVidia nForce 1/2/3/4, ATI IXP/SB up to SB600 Used infs from AsRock's site, inf edited to add Intel ICH4/5/6/7 AC97, ATI AC97, AMD AC97, VIA AC97, SiS AC97, ALi/ULi AC97 and nForce 1/2/3/4 AC97 ids, original infs only supported older ICH, found in boards like Asrock P4I65G and 775I65G Needs testing, will probably test it against my Asrock P4I65G/775I65G, Gigabyte GA-8S648FX-RZ and DFI K8T800-Pro-Alf DL: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16aPsM99XdVGh8X4AK5U8c1TiVm3i52Rs/view?usp=sharing VIA AC97: VIA Vinyl 7.00b claims to support Windows 95, but can't find anything related to it on the folder, may check earlier releases later. TO-DO ADI SoundMAX AC97: Need to find an apropiate Win95 driver, TO-DO Sigmatel AC97: Can't find anything related to Windows 95, TO-DO Supported codecs: STAC9700/STAC975X SiS AC97: SiS 7018 codec doesn't support Windows 95 and seems like SiS doesn't provide Windows 95 drivers, can't verfy it right now since i don't have a SiS 7018 equiped board SiS 7012 is supported and SiS provide drivers, although you are better using Realtek or other vendor driver if your SiS chipset board is paried with a Realtek/C-Media/SoundMAX/other vendor codec If someone has an input about this, feel free to reply to this thread or tell me
  9. Anyone know about compatible ATI GPUs or drivers under Windows 95? i know in 98/98SE/ME, anything up to X800/X850 can be made to work, but i'm not sure about 95 and can't find much about ATI Radeon support in 95
  10. I recently got Windows 98 SE installed and working on a Gigabyte GA-EP41-UD3L (Intel G41, ICH7) Specs: Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 4 GB DDR2 800 nVidia Geforce 7800 GTX with modded nvidia 81.98 120 GB HDD Realtek 8111C/D (works) Realtek ALC888 (doesn't work) pic: https://imgur.com/a/OJZf7Yk
  11. I tried Windows 95 on a Asrock Conroe865PE (Intel 865PE chipset, ICH5 southbridge) with a Pentium E5700, Geforce FX 5600 AGP and 512 MB RAM. It was a bit rushed and was done before i discovered other stuff like XUSBSUPP or other drivers, i don't have the 95 install anymore, but considered retrying on it and/or another system someday, also had werid issues with 3dmark and the nvidia control panel didn't work when i tried forceware 81.98, 77.72 and 56.64 Video of the attempt Realtek 8139 driver worked with the onboard Realtek 8100C, onboard audio (Realtek ALC850 @ Intel ICH5) worked as well, but had to edit the inf in Realtek AC97 driver package since Realtek decided to not support ICH5/6/7 and ATI/ALi/ULi/nVidia AC97 controllers in 95 Edited Realtek AC97 driver package (should support all the AC97 controllers as the Windows 98/ME/2000/XP WDM drviers do): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GMaDH8vQu1Tma7U-I59SQ-pTjjxKmkxz/view?usp=sharing65

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