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  1. I didn't find any drivers for this wifi card so I modded the Windows 7 ones, but didn't work (code 39) Does anyone know how to get it working?
  2. Today I deployed Win7 using MDT on a VM and forgot that it automatically enables updates. after using it for a while I realized cpu usage went to 100% and ram went 3,49/3,50 which is very unusual. And it was a clean install too, no kind of virus could've infected it. But then I saw that svchost.exe was using the memory and TrustedInstaller.exe was using all the cpu (this is a process windows update uses). Then I fired up my cmd, typed in "sc delete wuauserv" and rebooted, and just like that, problem solved (that command deletes the update service). I remember same resource usage back when I was getting an updated vista install to try extended kernel. If you have the same problem with Win7 simply disable the windows update service when you're not updating (you don't have to delete it)
  3. i said up there, vmware 16, and the same problem didn't occur on windows 8.0
  4. I have a laptop with 8 gb ram and a mobile i7, did a memtest, results are fine, no issues, nothing wrong with cpu either and recently replaced hdd with a kingston ssd, however this time I decided to install Windows 10 v2004 instead of going straight for Windows 8 to see if I was wrong about it. And when I tried to run 1 virtual machine, after 10 minutes the system bluescreened. And what is with the memory usage, what is 3,2/8 on idle, it feels like the once incredible Microsoft I knew in the earlier times has took off for just money and forcing updates that do nothing, oh and it was a clean install with all updates installed afterwards, I was running workstation 16. So I installed Windows 8 again (8.0, the system doesn't support win7) and suddenly the problem is gone and nothing is wrong. Memory usage idles at something like 1.0,1.1/8 gb and everything else also works, did a memtest again and nothing is wrong there either. Either I'm imagining things or Windows has entered the process of death. I can only imagine what would happen if I replaced Win7 on my main with Win10, chaos. even with 16gb, the damn thing wouldn't hold. Microsoft only wants money in these times, they don't care about how their operating system performs, all that happens is few indian scammers who have been accepted into dev team keep releasing useless updates just for spyware and nothing else. While every other employee enjoys the millions that comes in every day, it's dead, the stop is here, time to turn around and go back. Windows as I once knew how it was like in those old 2000's with XP and vista, those days will never return, we're stuck with a resource hog that can't even perform the simplest action of virtualization. What else is next?
  5. Alpis


    Wanted to get extended kernel on a new VM but stumbled upon the fact that update servers no longer work on Vista. Is there a workaround to this issue? I find no easy way to integrate these updates either. nuhi sent me a modified version of NTLite which didn't work and he didn't say anything after that. And DISM keeps giving me an error I can't solve. If I could in all of actuality be able to binge integrate every single cab file I have downloaded from catalog, this wouldn't be such a big problem.
  6. Windows Update doesn't work anymore, although I downloaded all the updates with PatchLoader in catalog, the issue is I can't integrate these, I tried DISM and a modded NTLite, both did not work, I'm using an MSDN ISO copy of Windows Vista x64 (en_windows_vista_sp2_x64_dvd_342267) Any help would be appreciated.
  7. VMware just released Workstation 16, although it won't support Windows 7 systems, would there be any way to manipulate the installer to get it working on 7 or would it work by using the same trick as used to get Workstation 11/12 on Vista? I'm trying that right now.
  8. Comments on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQF7i8kK2nI So I've tried the same thing except I'm still getting the MPEG-2 encoder missing message. I've tried looking for MPEG-2 encoders although all I found were decoders which after I installed them, didn't do that much effect on the error. I've tried registering the MSMPEG DLL files from Vista using regsvr32 which didn't work. Regsvr32 couldn't register the DLLs. Can anybody guide me on how this is done?

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